kneedrag 40 mins and you'll find out 2018-06-11 00:22:53
kneedrag then things get synced back up for further losses. 2018-06-11 00:22:09
kneedrag the likely scenario is a 2.5% bounce back up to futures limit down. 2018-06-11 00:21:54
kneedrag remember in the gold rush the people who made the most money were the ones who sold the shovels? 2018-06-11 00:19:04
kneedrag oops you just spent 750million bucks to open a new mining warehouse? LOL 2018-06-11 00:18:34
kneedrag you want to bleed miners? see who has enough cash to mine at a loss forever. 2018-06-11 00:15:52
kneedrag let's see what happens at 1500 when 74% of miners are at a loss and 52% of the btc sold in the last 12 months is at a loss. 2018-06-11 00:15:18
kneedrag btc 7,000 isnt even any pain ; miners have 400% ROI and 87% of the BTC ever sold is up hundreds of percent. 2018-06-11 00:14:54
kneedrag when im the only one for days on end, you'll be like "dang, he was right...again". 2018-06-11 00:07:47
kneedrag we ran captainclaw out during most week days now so its just like 3 left 2018-06-11 00:07:23
kneedrag well you're still here, so that's a lie. 2018-06-11 00:07:04
kneedrag soon i will just be having entire day monologs with nobody but myself. 2018-06-11 00:04:59
kneedrag i told ya i'd be the last man standing. 2018-06-11 00:04:40
kneedrag rat poison squared 2018-06-10 23:49:11
kneedrag Smegma, dogmatagram, fishmarket stew. Police in the corner, gunnin' for you. Apple toast, bedheated, fur blanket rat ; Laugh when they shoot you, say "Please don't do that". 2018-06-10 23:47:54
kneedrag Copernicus drank from a vessel that stank The free masons crank to the overflow tank. 2018-06-10 23:45:24
kneedrag Over the walls, rushing rivers of sleeze. The tip of stalagtites incising my knees. 2018-06-10 23:43:39
kneedrag the market cap stats that show btc lost 12 billion in market cap don't show the full damage of futures market who got their anus reamed. 2018-06-10 23:41:44
kneedrag thank you, come again. 2018-06-10 23:40:15
kneedrag oops you bought a future to buy btc at 7500? lol 2018-06-10 23:39:26
kneedrag Soon the futures open back up , those guys took a nice beating with their market being closed for the weekend 2018-06-10 23:39:01
kneedrag bears are still out kickin ass and bein bears 2018-06-10 23:29:44
kneedrag bulls are so dumb they got all rounded up by humans and live in captivity. 2018-06-10 23:29:37
kneedrag instead they are all pussified bear hunters who hide in the bush 2 miles away with a high power gun while the bear can't see em 2018-06-10 23:28:15
kneedrag it is obviously 1000x easier to kill a bull, than a bear. you dont see no dummies getting in a ring with a bear and like come here bear, i'll stab you! 2018-06-10 23:27:10
kneedrag let there be blood. 2018-06-10 23:25:05
kneedrag So, if a bull can’t see red, why is the muleta red? The small cape comes out in the last stage of the bullfight, when the bull meets its end, and its color helps mask one of the more gruesome aspects of a bull fight: splatters of the animal's blood. 2018-06-10 23:24:01
kneedrag there aren't even any bulls left in the wild, theyare all in captivity to be ridden or bull fought. 2018-06-10 23:20:26
kneedrag You'd have to have the intelligence literally of a bull, one of the dumbest animals in terms of intelligence, who charges things who wave a red cape at them, in order to buy to be thinking of buying BTC at these prices. 2018-06-10 23:19:20
kneedrag man with itchy bottom wake up with stinky finger 2018-06-10 23:11:03
kneedrag you already know you can't ban me anyplace you try i slip through the crack like water through your finger. 2018-06-10 23:09:59
kneedrag you try to lie and make me look the fool, but now you get the blowback in your ass ten times as much. 2018-06-10 23:08:57
kneedrag monkeymaker, sorry you are going to be the scat eating whore now. 2018-06-10 23:08:17
kneedrag Dark forces of the underworld, i command you to avenge this nonsensical ban with your full undying wrath and power. Let them forever be humbled by your spirit. Amen. 2018-06-10 23:05:07
kneedrag just beware! 2018-06-10 23:00:03
kneedrag I will beg the dark forces to mercilessly avenge your ban on 2018-06-10 22:59:47
kneedrag fine, this is war!!! you do not tell me ban 2018-06-10 22:58:42
kneedrag noooooooooo 2018-06-10 22:57:48
kneedrag awwww you mean you're going to ban me on oh noooooooo 2018-06-10 22:57:26
kneedrag thanks for the entertainment 2018-06-10 22:55:56
kneedrag monkeymaker mad i found him out on github and amazon, and darkoofthederp mad that he has nothing intelligent to add. LOL 2018-06-10 22:55:34
kneedrag oh wow, i must be doing something right! 2018-06-10 22:54:43
kneedrag Dumped it from the top, it's nothing you can stop. Lord, you know they made a fine connection. He could pass his time around some other line, but, you know he chose this place beside her. Don't get in the way, there's nothing you can say Nothing that you need to add or do. 2018-06-10 22:32:57
kneedrag don't matter to me, you'll all end up eating pensises in the end. 2018-06-10 22:23:52
kneedrag ver telling 2018-06-10 22:22:59
kneedrag you had some interesting convos in your "issues" area 2018-06-10 22:22:53
kneedrag CaptainClaw, do you have any nicks you use that start with Captain* you'd like to share with us? 2018-06-10 22:21:14
kneedrag captainclaw, did you ever buy from monkeymaker on amazon and leave him feedback? LOL 2018-06-10 22:19:57
kneedrag wow i start talking about monkeymaker's github and amazon seller account, and captainclaw's github and the AI chatters really got spooled up 2018-06-10 22:18:12
kneedrag thats funny both you and claw have a github repo 2018-06-10 22:13:02
kneedrag 2018-06-10 22:12:55
kneedrag var monkeyOptions = { project: { solutionPath: "" } }; 2018-06-10 22:12:18
kneedrag var myMonkey = new Monkey(monkeyOptions); 2018-06-10 22:11:31
kneedrag var Monkey = require('monkeymaker'); 2018-06-10 22:11:03
kneedrag or eat some poop 2018-06-10 22:08:21
kneedrag dont you have anything better to do like go play poker 2018-06-10 22:08:16
kneedrag watching this dump from 20,000 is like watching turds get boiled in hot water in slow motion 2018-06-10 21:53:01
kneedrag But hey at least you still have your hobby tokens. 2018-06-10 21:44:00
kneedrag They outsmarted you, out militaried you, and out financed you. 2018-06-10 21:43:32
kneedrag US and Israel are the chosen one, they have no fears. If you're not them, you should be fearful. 2018-06-10 21:43:07
kneedrag dragon got slain sorry dood 2018-06-10 21:41:54
kneedrag china gonna be angry when they wake up to 10% losses 2018-06-10 21:41:16
kneedrag #letThemEatScat 2018-06-10 21:36:36
kneedrag monkeymaker, i saw the documentary Gringo about McAfee, and it details his obsession with scat eating. Sounds like your relative. 2018-06-10 21:36:25
kneedrag #fuckMonkeyMaker 2018-06-10 21:35:36
kneedrag #fuckTimDraper 2018-06-10 21:34:38
kneedrag *show NO mercy 2018-06-10 21:34:03
kneedrag Dear God, please show mercy on Tim DaRaper. K Thank you, love you. 2018-06-10 21:33:59
kneedrag it has a nice ROI and regulators like ROI. 2018-06-10 21:31:28
kneedrag they dont even have to prove you were a criminal, just take em. 2018-06-10 21:31:05
kneedrag it's possible the US could use civil forfeiture on all bitcoin related accounts since the gains were all obtained criminally. 2018-06-10 21:30:51
kneedrag soulless beings which aren't humans 2018-06-10 21:29:11
kneedrag they are dead inside like ivanka and melanie 2018-06-10 21:28:51
kneedrag There's a special place in hell reserved for rat poison squared 2018-06-10 21:27:46
kneedrag yes you will burn in hell with your rat poison leaders 2018-06-10 21:26:57
kneedrag let him eat rat poison 2018-06-10 21:25:05
kneedrag dorsey is a facking rat. 2018-06-10 21:24:56
kneedrag rat poisin squared = twitter AI shitbots + square bitcoin = dorsey = rat poisin square 2018-06-10 21:24:40
kneedrag all bitcoiners should be forced to eat rat poisin squared and not allowed to sell. 2018-06-10 21:24:07
kneedrag true hallmark of desperation for deposits to pay 5% more for people to sell BTC here. 2018-06-10 21:18:09
kneedrag wex is a bunch of delusional bull crap 2018-06-10 21:16:41
kneedrag wow, i forgot how much fun a crash is. 2018-06-10 21:14:51
kneedrag could be cobblers and boblees long lost cousin. 2018-06-10 21:12:22
kneedrag probably get arrested for fraud 2018-06-10 21:11:57
kneedrag i heard tom lee is fugitive on the run after predicting 25k btc price, while selling at 7500. 2018-06-10 21:11:40
kneedrag when panic comes? 2018-06-10 21:09:21
kneedrag plus mother earth will give you happy ending when you take good care of your mother 2018-06-10 21:07:53
kneedrag ez maths 2018-06-10 21:06:31
kneedrag you get a few orgs singed up to drop the price in 1/2 for a few hundred million bucks, saves the earth billions of external costs. 2018-06-10 21:06:16
kneedrag in 2018 the environmental costs from bitcoin will be 12billion USD in co2 emissions. if the cost to drop it is less than 12 billion, then, it will fall and so will environmnetal consequences. 2018-06-10 21:05:33
kneedrag the problem with bitcoin is basic logic and math. if the amount of damage bitcoin is doing to the world environmentally and financially is more than the cost to drop the price to neutralize the damage, then, the price will go down. 2018-06-10 21:04:48
kneedrag nothing says "i love being spied on" more than owning a btc. 2018-06-10 20:55:14
kneedrag if you dont like being free, buy a btc 2018-06-10 20:54:54
kneedrag support being free -- hold the USD 2018-06-10 20:54:36
kneedrag Oh holy father, please never forget the lies put forth by Henri De Castries and Adam Back as you merciless punish those who have lied to man kind. 2018-06-10 20:49:47
kneedrag RIP in pieces. 2018-06-10 20:48:11
kneedrag Amen. 2018-06-10 20:47:38
kneedrag And to John McAfee to be pubicly defiled. 2018-06-10 20:47:19
kneedrag I call upon the Father the Son and the Holy Ghost to nail upon the cross in great public display Thiel, Zuckerberg, Wright, Ver and Andresen to account for their sins against man kind. 2018-06-10 20:46:29
kneedrag The time is near, sinnas. 2018-06-10 20:43:07
kneedrag The vile liars ruining the world, lying for oil profits, destroying creatures both great and small in the pursuit of more money. Those that fear not the hand of the lord will made to account! 2018-06-10 20:42:41
kneedrag Repent, sinnas. 2018-06-10 20:41:01
kneedrag God heard my pleas and God chose to save us from lies and oppression and dicknobs around the globe. 2018-06-10 20:40:46
kneedrag The dip came because I prayed to the Father the Son and the Holy Ghost to vanquish us of these hideous beings who have made crypto a den of thieves. 2018-06-10 20:39:48
kneedrag Thank you to God and Jesus for giving us salvation from fake Jesus and fake satoshi. Let your wrath be merciless. Amen. 2018-06-10 20:37:31
kneedrag bye bye dicknobs. 2018-06-10 20:35:15
kneedrag 7k eaten like a personal size pan pizza 2018-06-10 20:35:06
kneedrag live by the sword, die by the sword 2018-06-10 20:33:11
kneedrag that was the deal. now there's no deal. 2018-06-10 20:32:32
kneedrag the directions were for BTC to come clean about its roots. instead it dug in its heels and pretended it dint do nuffin, dont know nuffin. 2018-06-10 20:32:07
kneedrag see you at 2000 2018-06-10 20:30:13
kneedrag just more lies and scams. 2018-06-10 20:29:52
kneedrag the problem is there's been nothing done in good faith to make me believe that bitcoin will go up after it gets to 2000. 2018-06-10 20:29:43
kneedrag i don't care about your guesses. you should care more about my facts than your guesses: bitcoin to 2000 then we regroup and see if 0. 2018-06-10 20:29:10
kneedrag bunch of delusional wannabes 2018-06-10 20:24:27
kneedrag the price at wex is nonsensical when it is practically below 7k all ready 2018-06-10 20:24:07
kneedrag once 7000 is gone then people will say 5k is next support, then after 5k goes, then 2k. and so on. 2018-06-10 20:22:07
kneedrag was my favorite game 2018-06-10 20:09:23
kneedrag You don't starve a dragon, you slay a dragon. Didn't you ever play that game called "Dragon's Lair" ? 2018-06-10 20:09:12
kneedrag HairyT, maybe you should quit watching paperpushers get blowies then you wouldn't that what you do for fun, watch other people get BJ cause you dont get any? 2018-06-10 17:38:26
kneedrag save British Columbia! #fuckYourPipeline 2018-06-10 17:02:36
kneedrag The Nixon Ridge Pipeline in West Virginia exploded spectacularly Thursday, creating a fireball visible for miles. While TransCanada is still investigating why exactly this brand new, “best-in-class” pipeline blew up, we can offer some informed speculation. 2018-06-10 17:01:45
kneedrag #banABMW #letAXAbuyAudis #noMercedesOnMainstreet #tariffAJag 2018-06-10 17:00:41
kneedrag i pick USD, i'm getting laid, you picked crypto, you waitin to get paid. 2018-06-10 16:58:20
kneedrag btc = bilderberg coin , bch = cia coin, eth = putin coin, ltc = china coin. i pick USD. 2018-06-10 16:57:28
kneedrag you could hire Duterte to do the deeds, he's up for it. 2018-06-10 16:44:35
kneedrag ez pz 2018-06-10 16:43:47
kneedrag then to fill in time, you have mcafee sideshow eatin penis and scat fed from belizians 2018-06-10 16:43:33
kneedrag so to recap, we start small with Thiel, Zuckerberg, Ver, Wright, and Andresen. Nail them to the cross for public entertainments 2018-06-10 16:43:01
kneedrag the people's will to be free is always greater than the forces that oppress them. 2018-06-10 16:33:35
kneedrag the ghost of stalin will come and haunt you! 2018-06-10 16:31:23
kneedrag real communists who died for their nations would be embarassed to see what you've turned your nations into. 2018-06-10 16:30:57
kneedrag putin, jinping, you can't keep your people oppressed forever, we see what you did there. 2018-06-10 16:29:21
kneedrag and the US is God's chosen one to save the world 2018-06-10 16:27:27
kneedrag the EU and commonwealth are satan's hounds 2018-06-10 16:27:15
kneedrag vlad, jinping are satan's henchmen 2018-06-10 16:26:10
kneedrag and nobody doing one fucking thing to change it. 2018-06-10 16:24:17
kneedrag this whole damn world is nothing but a living hell. rulers all fucking corrupt, people all fucking oppressed, starving, lied to, inprisoned so that the rich can get richer. 2018-06-10 16:23:51
kneedrag i mean id rather be friends with all countries in the world, but if you are going to hold some countries accountable for bad trade policy, why not hold others accountable for their actions too. 2018-06-10 16:21:03
kneedrag not to mention they are the source of unrest in the middle east with Iran, just to prop up oil prices, since its all the export. 2018-06-10 16:18:25
kneedrag *nothing against russians, just against lyin oppressive dicknobs 2018-06-10 16:17:44
kneedrag Trump needs to wise up, trying to act all cool to russia....who has militarily taken over lands, arrested people for religious beliefs, censored and blocked the internet and truth, and oppressed it own people.... and they are who you choose to befriend? 2018-06-10 16:17:04
kneedrag kind of like everything he's worked on for the last 30 years....nothing at all 2018-06-10 16:10:04
kneedrag we will hire some belizians to feed him his penis, they are begging for the opportunity 2018-06-10 16:08:52
kneedrag british born mcafee gets forfeited and send back to britain 2018-06-10 16:07:42
kneedrag i also forgot we could use mcafee as a little sideshow, too. 2018-06-10 16:07:27
kneedrag that way all the nations get to share in the festivities 2018-06-10 16:06:24
kneedrag well each person could get their lashings in the respective country. zuckerberg gets public lashing in america, thiel goes to germany, ver goes to china, wright gets australia, and gavin UK 2018-06-10 16:05:47
kneedrag they could make like 50billion bucks on this simple proposal 2018-06-10 16:03:17
kneedrag plus the civil forfeiture at least gives the gov some incentive to go along with my plans 2018-06-10 16:02:52
kneedrag first you civil forfeiture all of them so they have nothing to live for, then give them a week to hang themselves. if not, slap em on a cross for public viewing. 2018-06-10 16:01:54
kneedrag localized polling places the popularity at 87% approval 2018-06-10 16:00:27
kneedrag nailed to crosses 2018-06-10 15:59:39
kneedrag I think it's a very popular idea, too. Gavin, Ver, Wright, Zuckerberg, Thiel 2018-06-10 15:59:28
kneedrag it'd make a great media event 2018-06-10 15:58:58
kneedrag start small, just with 5 people crucified on crosses 2018-06-10 15:58:45
kneedrag Then you throw Peter Thiel, and Zuckerberg on some stakes and you hve the beginning of a nicer world. 2018-06-10 15:58:21
kneedrag Gavin, fake jesus, and fake satoshi may be burned at the stake 2018-06-10 15:56:34
kneedrag I call upon the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost to send this demon seed back to hell. 2018-06-10 15:54:07
kneedrag The Uniting Church in Australia (UCA) was established on 22 June 1977 when most congregations of the Methodist Church of Australasia, about two thirds of the Presbyterian Church of Australia and almost all the churches of the Congregational Union of Australia came together under the Basis of Union. 2018-06-10 15:53:15
kneedrag Wright has been a trustee of the Uniting Church in New South Wales. God Knows what you did. 2018-06-10 15:51:46
kneedrag Craig Wright is a religious man, the power of Jesus and God have promised me they will send him to hell. 2018-06-10 15:49:10
kneedrag I called upon the powers of Jesus to help saves us from fake bitcoin Jesus and so it shall be. 2018-06-10 15:47:38
kneedrag bitcoin cash devs were seen in vietnam, preparing to hang themselves 2018-06-10 15:46:41
kneedrag sorry dummies 2018-06-10 05:57:03
kneedrag artificial vs intelligent, intelligence always wins 2018-06-10 05:56:08
kneedrag if you weren't missing the "I" part of AI, maybe you'd be able to get me to fuck off. but instead you are just artificial and not intelligent. oops. 2018-06-10 05:55:35
kneedrag shortyz, awww did i hurt your sensitive little AI shitbot feelings? 2018-06-10 05:51:37
kneedrag i will poison them don't worry 2018-06-10 05:50:35
kneedrag maybe bitcoin is a rats nest of AI shitbots 2018-06-10 05:50:18
kneedrag prepare your anus for the square peg in your round hole 2018-06-10 05:41:36
kneedrag btc = rat poison squared 2018-06-10 05:34:23
kneedrag twitter = rat's nest of AI shitbots = dorsey = square = rat poison squared = twitter/square 2018-06-10 05:33:00
kneedrag i mean how much more warning do two rich guys need to give you? 2018-06-10 05:25:59
kneedrag bitcoin is rat poison squared, just beware 2018-06-10 05:24:48
kneedrag square = dorsey = rat according to buffet or else he wouldnt have used squared 2018-06-10 05:24:27
kneedrag rat poison squared 2018 2018-06-10 05:23:55
kneedrag the name of 2 wasnt that exciting so i skiped it 2018-06-10 05:22:26
kneedrag 1. D-Con Ready Mix Bits For Rats 2018-06-10 05:18:43
kneedrag 3. Just One sec gR Bite II Bar 2018-06-10 05:18:17
kneedrag 4. D-Con Mouse Proof POW II Rat Poison 2018-06-10 05:17:48
kneedrag 5. Just One Bite Lee Bars Mice And Rat Killer 2018-06-10 05:17:21
kneedrag 7. Tomcat Mouse Killer I Mouse Bait Stations 2018-06-10 05:16:51
kneedrag 8. D-Con Rat & Mouse Bait Pellets 2018-06-10 05:16:25
kneedrag 9. Havoc Rat & Mouse Bait 2018-06-10 05:16:01
kneedrag Best Rat Poison 2018 10MOTOMCO Tomcat Mouse and Rat Liquid Concentrated Bait 2018-06-10 05:15:30
kneedrag A better way to deal with any rat problem you might have is to use rat poison. In general, rat poison is much more effective at dealing with rats and mice, just as long as you figure out the best place to use it. 2018-06-10 05:15:06
kneedrag Ratpoison is a tiling window manager for the X Window System primarily developed by Shawn Betts. Ratpoison is written in C; Betts' StumpWM re-implements a similar window manager in Common Lisp. The user interface and much of their functionality are inspired by the GNU Screen terminal multiplexe 2018-06-10 05:12:59
kneedrag Darkoofthedark wants more rat poison squared 2018-06-10 05:11:48
kneedrag Is it a crime like fraud to go on tv or speak publicy and say "bitcoin is going to 25,000 buy it now", while you are privately not buying, but selling? 2018-06-10 05:07:10
kneedrag but now it's time to pay the piper for all those years of lying dicknobbery 2018-06-10 05:02:18
kneedrag they were cool hobbies, people had fun and learned. 2018-06-10 05:01:46
kneedrag basically that means eth and btc are done like 8 track tapes 2018-06-10 05:01:08
kneedrag hyperledger is what ethereum dreams it could be. 2018-06-10 05:00:50
kneedrag ripple is what bitcoin dreams it could be 2018-06-10 05:00:39
kneedrag Roll you down the line boy Drop you for a loss Ride you out on a cold railroad And nail you to a cross 2018-06-10 04:51:32
kneedrag if he want to be called Jesus let him be nailed to a cross and see how if he real Jesus or fake Jesus 2018-06-10 04:50:31
kneedrag he doesn't even have anything that is like Jesus who annointed this name? 2018-06-10 04:49:27
kneedrag fake bitcoin Jesus will be crucified 2018-06-10 04:48:00
kneedrag he will dump your coins and overturn your tables and then make you burn in hell with Darkoofthederp 2018-06-10 04:46:38