kneedrag and you wonder why the govt has no money 2018-01-18 07:08:40
kneedrag its fucking moronic 2018-01-18 07:08:32
kneedrag it costs more to incarcerate the people than the cost of the tickets 2018-01-18 07:08:27
kneedrag America: Debtors Prison: Feb 23, 2016 - Debtors' Prison in 21st-Century America. For failing to pay parking tickets, court fees, and other petty municipal citations, black residents of Greater St. Louis are ending up behind bars. 2018-01-18 07:07:01
kneedrag that's not in effect anymore, much to jeff session chagrin. debtor's prison 2018-01-18 07:06:07
kneedrag dang it then we're at an impasse. dont call us, we'll call you. 2018-01-18 07:04:44
kneedrag my boss said that @50 month the repay will take too long he'll just garnish the wage he wants 125 2018-01-18 07:03:55
kneedrag how much per month can you afford? 2018-01-18 07:02:12
kneedrag ok i'll relay to my boss 2018-01-18 07:02:03
kneedrag *think about it 2018-01-18 07:00:19
kneedrag 2silver2 the more you talk about it and think about the shorter you will have to wait to find your answer. 2018-01-18 07:00:11
kneedrag *except coinbase 2018-01-18 06:59:45
kneedrag All this talk about tax man blah blah blah. Meanwhile there isn't a single credible report of anyone in the US getting hassled by the IRS for crypto nothing but fear tactics. 2018-01-18 06:58:52
kneedrag And the man in the back said everyone attack And it turned into a ballroom blitz And the girl in the corner said boy I want to warn you It'll turn into a ballroom blitz 2018-01-18 06:53:50
kneedrag Oh yeah! It was like lightning Everybody was fighting And the music was soothing And they all started grooving 2018-01-18 06:53:32
kneedrag Oh, I see a man at the back as a matter of fact His eyes are as red as the sun And the girl in the corner let no one ignore her Cause she thinks she's the passionate one 2018-01-18 06:53:22
kneedrag Oh it's been getting so hard Living with the things you do to me My dreams are getting so strange I'd like to tell you everything I see 2018-01-18 06:53:12
kneedrag there is only one kneedrag 2018-01-18 06:48:08
kneedrag i dont get pleasure in being right or want anyone looking for my calls. too much pressure. that's why i never invest other people's money. 2018-01-18 06:29:21
kneedrag all day 2018-01-18 06:27:24
kneedrag dont know i havent got another text message 2018-01-18 06:26:38
kneedrag *thanks for the text message bro 2018-01-18 06:25:58
kneedrag i did call the bottom today within 1 minutes timing 2018-01-18 06:25:49
kneedrag you seem like a poor person to me 2018-01-18 06:25:13
kneedrag that is a waste of capital to have money sitting around on the order book on orders with 2.4% chance of being filled not making you money on your money 2018-01-18 06:24:15
kneedrag [I find it as difficult] to understand a scientist who does not acknowledge the presence of a superior rationality behind the existence of the universe as it is to comprehend a theologian who would deny the advances of science. 2018-01-18 06:21:28
kneedrag i'll twist that lever more next time. 2018-01-18 06:18:37
kneedrag you got a hair up your ass about theology and wehrner von braun. 2018-01-18 06:18:22
kneedrag such an easy target 2018-01-18 06:17:21
kneedrag i like it 2018-01-18 06:16:35
kneedrag ohh that theology quote got ya 2018-01-18 06:16:31
kneedrag “Once the rockets are up Who cares where they come down That's not my department" 2018-01-18 06:15:41
kneedrag [I find it as difficult] to understand a scientist who does not acknowledge the presence of a superior rationality behind the existence of the universe as it is to comprehend a theologian who would deny the advances of science. 2018-01-18 06:14:59
kneedrag Scientists today have to be able to interpret their findings just as skillfully as they conduct their research. If not, a lot of priceless new knowledge will have to wait for a better man. 2018-01-18 06:14:21
kneedrag Science does not have a moral dimension. It is like a knife. If you give it to a surgeon or a murderer, each will use it differently. 2018-01-18 06:13:48
kneedrag dont worry you will be transformed into something useful 2018-01-18 06:13:04
kneedrag "Nature does not know extinction ; all it knows is transformation. Everything science has taught me strengthens my belief in the continuity of our spiritual existence after death" Wernher von Braun 2018-01-18 06:11:31
kneedrag "Research is what I'm doing when I don't know what I'm doing". 2018-01-18 06:10:23
kneedrag "I have learned to use the word impossible with the greatest caution." Wernher von Braun 2018-01-18 06:07:42
kneedrag cjphil, the currency of love. 2018-01-18 06:06:45
kneedrag cjphil, if you say it is, then it is. for you. 2018-01-18 06:05:53
kneedrag cjphil, so you decided it was best to join them? i get it. 2018-01-18 06:04:44
kneedrag buy XRP support the banks more! 2018-01-18 06:02:45
kneedrag dont matter, im not selling my soul. if you want to, thats fine with me not my call 2018-01-18 06:02:35
kneedrag cool all the customers of ripple are large banks. sign me up! 2018-01-18 06:01:31
kneedrag i mean if you want to buy shares in something that can send funds instantly without a blockchain, just buy paypal shares 2018-01-18 05:58:48
kneedrag im not saying that it shouldnt have value, but if its not a coin with a public blockchain, then why trade it with coins that are? 2018-01-18 05:58:13
kneedrag xrp isnt even a coin 2018-01-18 05:57:36
kneedrag *i mean volume wise 2018-01-18 05:57:02
kneedrag coinbase is pretty competitive. they dont got xrp or etc. 2018-01-18 05:56:58
kneedrag dermaink, are you trying to take customers away from wex's already crippled customer base? someone could break your kneecap 2018-01-18 05:56:07
kneedrag take that shit someplace else 2018-01-18 05:55:06
kneedrag dermaink do you trade any coins here? all i ever hear is etc and xrp 2018-01-18 05:54:51
kneedrag I'm checking it out, I'm checking it out I got it figured out, I got it figured out 2018-01-18 05:52:36
kneedrag There are a lot of rich people in Birmingham A lot of ghosts in a lot of houses Look over there!...A dry ice factory A good place to get some thinking done 2018-01-18 05:51:08
kneedrag Let's raise a ruckus, let's tie one on Bring out a bottle of Dom Perignon If they throw us in jail, we don't give a damn Were goin' to have us a Champagne jam So pour me some Champagne Thank you ma'am 2018-01-18 05:47:55
kneedrag Blinded, you lost your way In the side streets and the alleyways Like a star exploding in the night Filling up the city with broad daylight Angel in devil's shoes Salvation in the blues You never looked like an angel 2018-01-18 05:45:15
kneedrag Lady Day got diamond eyes She sees the truth behind the lies 2018-01-18 05:44:02
kneedrag [edit] At the end of the play, on the eleventh hour, Mephistophilis comes to collect Faustus' soul and Faustus is dragged off the stage to Hell by Mephistophilis and other devils even though Dr. Faustus tries to repent and beg for mercy from those devils. 2018-01-18 05:29:58
kneedrag Mephistophilis introduces the history of Lucifer and the other devils while indirectly telling Faustus that Hell has no circumference nor limit and is more of a state of mind than a physical location. 2018-01-18 05:28:23
kneedrag cool. i bought some in 2013 does that cout 2018-01-18 05:27:21
kneedrag loaded 2018-01-18 05:26:23
kneedrag and Divinity as useless because he feels that all humans commit sin, and thus to have sins punishable by death complicates the logic of Divinity. 2018-01-18 05:25:13
kneedrag Faustus comments that he has mastered every subject he has studied. He depreciates Logic as merely being a tool for arguing; Medicine as being unvalued unless it allowed raising the dead and immortality; Law as being mercenary and beneath him; and Divinity as useless because he feels that all humans 2018-01-18 05:24:53
kneedrag dermaink, i did notice you were gone. i didnt necessarily miss you though. you're just words on a screen. and ive seen plenty of other words in your absense 2018-01-18 05:21:25
kneedrag 1) Faustus learns necromancy 2) The pact with Lucifer 3) Wasting his skills 4) Damnation 2018-01-18 05:19:52
kneedrag Synopsis: Faustus learns necormancy 2018-01-18 05:19:04
kneedrag note: if you see craig wright dancing on a stage, he COULD be summoning demons. take cover. 2018-01-18 05:17:34
kneedrag that is some shit there. 2018-01-18 05:16:08
kneedrag on the one hand, he is a trustee of the third largest church in australia. on the other hand, he dances with the devil. 2018-01-18 05:16:03
kneedrag a sight that was said to have driven some spectators mad 2018-01-18 05:14:53
kneedrag The powerful effect of early productions of the play is indicated by the legends that quickly accrued around them—that actual devils once appeared on the stage during a performance, "to the great amazement of both the actors and spectators", a sight that was said to have driven some specta 2018-01-18 05:14:14
kneedrag , The Tragical History of Doctor Faustus (whose date of publication is debated, but likely around 1587).[3] In Goethe's reworking of the story two hundred years later, Faust becomes a dissatisfied intellectual who yearns for "more than earthly meat and drink" in his life. 2018-01-18 05:12:49
kneedrag "Faust" and the adjective "Faustian" imply a situation in which an ambitious person surrenders moral integrity in order to achieve power and success for a delimited term.[1][2] 2018-01-18 05:10:16
kneedrag Dr Craig S Wright (@ProfFaustus) -- faustus: Faust is a charlatan who is highly successful yet dissatisfied with his life, which leads him to make a pact with the Devil, exchanging his soul for unlimited knowledge and worldly pleasures 2018-01-18 05:09:46
kneedrag oh maybe i read that wrong 2018-01-18 05:03:26
kneedrag The sentence was suspended on condition of performing 250 hours of community service. After appealing the decision, the ruling was upheld in 2005 and also in a subsequent appeal to the High Court of Australia in 2006. 2018-01-18 05:03:14
kneedrag In 2004, Wright was convicted of contempt of court by the Supreme Court of New South Wales. He was sentenced to 28 days in jail for breaching an injunction that prevented him from approaching customers of DeMorgan Information Security Systems, which he resigned from in 2003. 2018-01-18 05:02:59
kneedrag The guy appealed to the high court of get out of 250 measley hours of community service? really? ya lazy fuck. 2018-01-18 05:02:38
kneedrag "In the name of God, i program this online casino" 2018-01-18 04:59:12
kneedrag a cybersecurity panopticon loving phd theologist 2018-01-18 04:54:38
kneedrag so confusing 2018-01-18 04:54:06
kneedrag Wright is the founder of cryptocurrency company DeMorgan Ltd., which received $54 million AUD in tax incentives via AusIndustry.[36][37][38] He is also the founder of the cybersecurity and computer forensics company Panopticrypt Pty Ltd 2018-01-18 04:52:54
kneedrag Image result for panopticon The Panopticon is a type of institutional building and a system of control designed by the English philosopher and social theorist Jeremy Bentham in the late 18th century. 2018-01-18 04:52:16
kneedrag He is also the founder of the cybersecurity and computer forensics company Panopticrypt Pty Ltd. oh wow. panopticon shit. 2018-01-18 04:51:25
kneedrag you could get a phd in theology and teach trollbox religions 2018-01-18 04:49:08
kneedrag people that spend all their time making money, get money, but no time. 2018-01-18 04:46:00
kneedrag *money you CAN always make more 2018-01-18 04:43:59
kneedrag the thing with money is that you can't always make more and losing it really isn't a big deal. time on the other hand, you never get back. 2018-01-18 04:43:50
kneedrag *im not a pro trader 2018-01-18 04:41:49
kneedrag pro traders told me dont use more than 2% per trade 2018-01-18 04:41:44
kneedrag autoswitching automatic swapper 2018-01-18 04:33:18
kneedrag if you're sending 1 buck maybe my algo sends it on BCH. 100 bucks LTC. 1000 bucks BTC. *example only 2018-01-18 04:33:05
kneedrag but he missed the vision 2018-01-18 04:31:44
kneedrag and tried to turn it into lighting and atomic swaps 2018-01-18 04:31:40
kneedrag i think coblee probably was trying to take my idea about having auto-switching algorithm that just send value using the best blockchain at that instant for a particular transaction value 2018-01-18 04:31:31
kneedrag "Don't accept that others know better than you" 2018-01-18 04:29:44
kneedrag *a fortune cookie told me 2018-01-18 04:29:26
kneedrag dont matter what he says, never doubt that anyone knows better than kneedrag. 2018-01-18 04:29:19
kneedrag i dont understand why you need a secondary network, like lightnign NETWORK, to send BTC transactions? if people wanted to send bitcoins using a secondary network why wouldnt they just use the uncrowded bitcoin cash? 2018-01-18 04:27:32
kneedrag traister, thats like saying the sun has always come up. past performance is not an indicator of future activty. 2018-01-18 04:23:35
kneedrag traister, im sure with some maths, there is backtesting that would prove you're wrong 2018-01-18 04:22:14
kneedrag just think how many people are dead who would give anything to still be here. being here IS the rich part. 2018-01-18 04:17:03
kneedrag if you are here , you are already rich. don't let anyone tell you otherwise. 2018-01-18 04:15:08
kneedrag This song, a tribute to Indian composer and singer Asha Bhosle, reached just #60 in the UK charts in 1997. However it shot to #1 in 1998 following a remix by Norman Cook (a.k.a. Fatrootboy Slim). 2018-01-18 04:09:18
kneedrag "It is frequently hailed as one of the best British one-hit wonders of all time." 2018-01-18 04:09:00
kneedrag "mine's on the forty-five" 2018-01-18 04:07:56
kneedrag +1 !! 2018-01-18 04:07:40
kneedrag She's the one that keeps the dream alive From the morning Past the evening To the end of the light Brimful of asha on the 45 Well it's a brimful of asha on the 45 And dancing Behind movie scenes. 2018-01-18 04:06:15
kneedrag Rain on the scarecrow blood on the plow This land fed a nation this land made me proud And son I'm just sorry theres no legacy for you now Rain on the scarecrow blood on the plow 2018-01-18 04:00:31
kneedrag Scarecrow on a wooden cross blackbird in the barn Four hundred empty acres that used to be my farm I grew up like my daddy did my grandpa cleared this land When I was five I walked the fence while grandpa held my hand 2018-01-18 03:59:01
kneedrag What I did, tonight what she said, tonight Realizing my hope I'm starting, towards glory, OK 2018-01-18 03:58:46
kneedrag Ce que j'ai fais, ce soir la Ce qu'elle a dit, ce soir la Realisant mon espoir Je me lance, vers la gloire, OK 2018-01-18 03:56:56
kneedrag qu'est-ce que. what (used as an interrogative for a direct object) Qu'est-ce que tu fais ? - What are you doing/What do you do? 2018-01-18 03:55:57
kneedrag You start a conversation you can't even finish it You're talking a lot, but you're not saying anything When I have nothing to say, my lips are sealed Say something once, why say it again? Psycho Killer, run run run. 2018-01-18 03:54:35
kneedrag For this was my big secret How I'd get ahead And never have to worry I'd trade with him instead. His answer came in actions He never spoke a word. 2018-01-18 03:50:51
kneedrag I feel I never told you The story of the ghost That I once knew and talked to Of whom I'd never boast. 2018-01-18 03:50:24
kneedrag dear ghost in the machine, please keep making good trades for my bot. k thanks bye. 2018-01-18 03:45:32
kneedrag Here comes the jesters, one, two three It's all part of my fantasy I love the music and I love to see the crowd Dancin' In the aisles and singin' out loud 2018-01-18 03:44:03
kneedrag Butter and cream cheese it was your favorite spread The monkey drops his ball and drills them to your head. Whoa-Oh, Time Ed. 2018-01-18 03:39:06
kneedrag You were the skunky pig inflator ('Flator, 'Flator) Spilling rain from the elevator ('Vator) Born a monkey from the sky (Monkey, Monkey) Hey, hey Miss American Pie 2018-01-18 03:38:34
kneedrag They say you got to pay to play to win Okay what you say you're not like them Oh hey wait let me get this straight I just can't seem to concentrate They say you got to pay to play to win 2018-01-18 03:37:11
kneedrag how much for 56k dialup service 2018-01-18 03:35:44
kneedrag if you want that, then i dont know why 2018-01-18 03:30:07
kneedrag with no net netreulatiy, then tomorrow comcast could say "we dont like bitcoins" and filter all bitcoin traffic from people 2018-01-18 03:29:52
kneedrag do you work for big blue att? 2018-01-18 03:27:31
kneedrag The majority of the US population opposed this new view, arguing that the old rules helped protect the internet and keep it fair. 2018-01-18 03:25:54
kneedrag Democrats are planning to focus on net neutrality during the midterm elections. They hope that this will force opposing candidates to choose sides between the majority of their constituents as opposed to telecom lobbyists. 2018-01-18 03:24:53
kneedrag There are currently fifty senators endorsing legislation to overrule the Federal Communication Commission's recent decision to overturn net neutrality regulations. This amounts to all Democrats, both independents, and Republican Susan Collins from Main 2018-01-18 03:23:41
kneedrag fuck you rand paul 2018-01-18 03:22:14
kneedrag The measure requires a simple majority to pass, which means just one more Senate Republican will have to vote in favor of it for it to proceed. 2018-01-18 03:22:06
kneedrag shut it down 2018-01-18 03:21:22
kneedrag The Senate is one vote away from overruling the FCC and restoring net neutrality 2018-01-18 03:21:13
kneedrag if they shut it down that'll give the ol boys more time to get 2 more votes to repeal net neutrality 2018-01-18 03:20:30
kneedrag [Bridge] And I'm walking home The last bus is long gone But I'm dancing in the moonlight 2018-01-18 03:17:00
kneedrag Now we go steady to the pictures I always get chocolate stains on my pants My father he's going crazy Say's I'm living in a trance But I'm dancing in the moonlight It's caught me in its spotlight It's alright, alright Dancing in the moonlight 2018-01-18 03:16:21
kneedrag in the old days, before there were 10,000 brands, sennheisers used to be pretty nice for my ear and musical preferences 2018-01-18 03:06:49
kneedrag everyone's got a different ear. 2018-01-18 03:05:11
kneedrag *fit your ears 2018-01-18 03:04:52
kneedrag the ones that fit yours most comfortably and sound good to your ear 2018-01-18 03:04:34
kneedrag But your new shoes are worn at the heels And your suntan does rapidly peel And your wise men don't know how it feels To be thick as a brick 2018-01-18 03:03:55
kneedrag And the sand-castle virtues are all swept away In the tidal destruction the moral melee The elastic retreat rings the close of play As the last wave uncovers the newfangled way 2018-01-18 03:03:34
kneedrag Confuse what you can of the ending And revise your despise so impending ‘Cause I soak on the wrath That you didn’t quite mask I’m getting it clearly through alternate paths Or mixed in with the signal you’re sending 2018-01-18 03:00:48
kneedrag Come stumble my mirth beaten worker I’m Jezmund the family berzerker I’m bought for the price of a flagon of rice The wind buffs the cabin You speak of your life Or more willingly Locust the Lurker 2018-01-18 02:57:29
kneedrag instead of numbers on a screen 2018-01-18 01:49:02
kneedrag you could go to that guys bitcoin store he's opening and sell your bitcoins for cold hard cashish 2018-01-18 01:48:53
kneedrag system overload 2018-01-18 01:47:01
kneedrag Sim-Bop & Be-Bophone Sky-Balls & Sack-Scraper 2018-01-18 01:45:57
kneedrag We've got it simple Cause we've got a band And we've got symbols in the band. We've got it simple Cause we've got a band And we've got cymbals in the band What is a band without cymbals? Ooh ooh, symbols are grand. 2018-01-18 01:43:59
kneedrag I'll be with you girl Like being low Hey, hey, hey like being stoned I'll be with you girl Like being low Hey, hey, hey like being stoned 2018-01-18 01:40:22
kneedrag Hey don't you want to go down Like some junkie cosmonaut A million miles below their feet A million miles, a million miles 2018-01-18 01:38:54
kneedrag Sometimes I want to take you down Sometimes I want to get you low Brush your hair back from your eyes Take you down let the river flow 2018-01-18 01:38:26
kneedrag In the second narrative (1 Samuel 7:2-14), the Israelites defeat the Philistines, after Samuel has offered a sacrifice. Samuel puts up a stone in memorial and names it Eben-Ezer (the placename in the previous narrative resulting from this). This monument is referred to in the hymn Come Thou Fount of 2018-01-18 01:19:30
kneedrag *ebenezer 2018-01-18 01:18:32
kneedrag In the first narrative (1 Samuel 4:1-11), the Philistines defeat the Israelites, even though the Israelites brought the Ark of the Covenant onto the battlefield in hope of it bringing them a divinely assured victory. As a result of the Philistine victory and the Ark's presence on the battlefiel 2018-01-18 01:18:11
kneedrag Won't you step into the freezer Please her with a tweezer. Look who's in the freezer! It's Uncle Ebenezer. 2018-01-18 01:16:01
kneedrag The place Eben-Ezer, being the name of a stone raised by Samuel to commemorate a victory over the Philistines at Mizpeh (1 Sam. 7:12), 2018-01-18 01:15:17
kneedrag uncle ebenezer 2018-01-18 01:14:38
kneedrag dang it man that hurts, that really hurts. 2018-01-18 01:13:47
kneedrag if women would just marry rich jewish guys and stop getting divorced they wouldnt have to work 2018-01-18 01:11:55
kneedrag just that the basic core logic from the early premise doesntm ake sense to me 2018-01-18 01:08:18
kneedrag im not saying im anti feminism or against their right to work 2018-01-18 01:08:09
kneedrag sure if you'd rather work for an asshole boss than do your own dishes at home, more power to you 2018-01-18 01:07:17
kneedrag its not even logical 2018-01-18 01:05:13
kneedrag i dont understand something. females, right, all they had to do was stay home and do whatever they wanted. they convinced the men to go to work and bring home the bacon while they did whatever. but feminists are like fuck that, we'd rather work? 2018-01-18 01:05:08
kneedrag Vermilion (sometimes spelled vermillion) is a brilliant red or scarlet pigment originally made from the powdered mineral cinnabar, and is also the name of the resulting color. 2018-01-18 01:01:17
kneedrag The tomb of the red Queen is painted in Vermilion painted in Vermilion painted in Vermilion but the net's unbreakable so don't worry about falling the voice that you ignore might be your future calling. 2018-01-18 01:00:49
kneedrag Let's swim to the moon, uh huh Let's climb through the tide Surrender to the waiting worlds That lap against our side Nothin' left open And no time to decide We've stepped into a river On our moonlight drive 2018-01-18 00:56:53
kneedrag Well the kids don't eat And the dog can't sleep There's no escape from the music In the whole damn street 'Cause she's playing all night And the music's all right Mama's got a squeeze box Daddy never sleeps at night 2018-01-18 00:53:21
kneedrag Being asked his trade, he replied that he knew no trade but that of governing men, and that he wished to be sold to a man who needed a master 2018-01-18 00:48:18
kneedrag you could retrofit a used awac with stuff HARP stuff and lure the bitches to your prius 2018-01-18 00:44:53
kneedrag andvanced warning anti cocklider 2018-01-18 00:41:32
kneedrag According to one story,[12] Diogenes went to the Oracle at Delphi to ask for its advice and was told that he should "deface the currency". Following the debacle in Sinope, Diogenes decided that the oracle meant that he should deface the political currency rather than actual coins. 2018-01-18 00:20:43
kneedrag and there may have been political rather than financial motives behind the act. 2018-01-18 00:19:28
kneedrag dang it sorry 2018-01-18 00:19:10
kneedrag During this time there was much counterfeit money circulating in Sinope.[11] The coins were deliberately defaced in order to render them worthless as legal tender.[11] Sinope was being disputed between pro-Persian and pro-Greek factions in the 4th century, and there may have been political rather th 2018-01-18 00:19:06
kneedrag During this time there was much counterfeit money circulating in Sinope.[11] The coins were deliberately defaced in order to render them worthless as legal tender.[11] Sinope was being disputed between pro-Persian and pro-Greek factions in the 4th century, and there may have been political rather th 2018-01-18 00:18:44
kneedrag This aspect of the story seems to be corroborated by archaeology: large numbers of defaced coins (smashed with a large chisel stamp) have been discovered at Sinope dating from the middle of the 4th century BC, 2018-01-18 00:18:21
kneedrag always about the money 2018-01-18 00:17:48
kneedrag At some point (the exact date is unknown), Hicesias and Diogenes became embroiled in a scandal involving the adulteration or debasement of the currency,[10] and Diogenes was exiled from the city, lost his citizenship, and all his material possessions. 2018-01-18 00:16:46
kneedrag he had some balls 2018-01-18 00:14:46
kneedrag From Life of Diogenes: "Someone took him [Diogenes] into a magnificent house and warned him not to spit, whereupon, having cleared his throat, he spat into the man's face, being unable, he said, to find a meaner receptacle." 2018-01-18 00:14:11
kneedrag On the indecency of his masturbating in public he would say, "If only it were as easy to banish hunger by rubbing my belly. 2018-01-18 00:13:23
kneedrag . Diogenes is said to have eaten in the marketplace,[48] urinated on some people who insulted him,[49] defecated in the theatre,[50] and masturbated in public 2018-01-18 00:12:07
kneedrag and so the Academy added "with broad flat nails" to the definition. 2018-01-18 00:09:28
kneedrag According to Diogenes Lartius, when Plato gave the tongue-in-cheek[26] definition of man as "featherless bipeds," Diogenes plucked a chicken and brought it into Plato's Academy, saying, "Behold! I've brought you a man," and so the Academy added "with broad flat nai 2018-01-18 00:09:06
kneedrag i would but i dont feel like open up the bag of dicks you gave me 2018-01-18 00:07:12
kneedrag lol 2018-01-18 00:06:37
kneedrag oh, this says he was carrying the light because he was looking for an honest man 2018-01-18 00:06:33
kneedrag *i think 2018-01-18 00:05:41
kneedrag he would carry around a light to illuminate people 2018-01-18 00:05:36
kneedrag diog was cool dude, he lived in a pot! 2018-01-18 00:04:50
kneedrag you could also say that louisiana owed new york money 2018-01-18 00:02:31
kneedrag ouch.."“Naftogaz won the gas sales arbitration case against Gazprom on all issues in dispute,” Naftogaz said in an emailed statement. It said the ruling was worth around $75 billion to Naftogaz in the long term, but did not give a breakdown on how it reached the estimate." 2018-01-18 00:00:55
kneedrag do the ukraines still not pay gazprom? 2018-01-17 23:59:32
kneedrag I'm learning to fly, around the cloud, But what goes up must come down 2018-01-17 23:54:50
kneedrag It's learning to fly, but it ain't got wings Coming down is the hardest thing. 2018-01-17 23:53:43
kneedrag *878 dollars in total trades 2018-01-17 23:41:28
kneedrag fyi i trade 387 times for a grand total of 878 dollars this moth, do you think i could get a discount 2018-01-17 23:41:08
kneedrag like if you trade over X value in a month, next month you get Y off your fee % 2018-01-17 23:37:33