goracck you guys hear about that lady in the states that won the lotto and is sueing to remain anon? 2018-02-14 07:54:18
goracck na im not talking shit im just saying its good for teh lulz 2018-02-14 07:51:42
goracck whiteboard, more like roflboard 2018-02-14 07:50:58
goracck rofl wow i almost spit out my wine when i read that 2018-02-14 07:15:41
goracck lol i see what you did there 2018-02-14 06:50:32
goracck dreamtrove, i have 3 displays and one of them is just for finex 1 day prices lol 2018-02-14 06:43:37
goracck it's a good coin 2018-02-14 06:42:11
goracck you guys don't actually read salon do you? 2018-02-14 06:38:50
goracck rip btce 2018-02-14 06:36:11
goracck when i first read that i thought it said "..aids and mining monero" and i was like 'seems legit' 2018-02-14 06:35:19
goracck lol 2018-02-14 04:40:47
goracck indeed 2018-02-14 04:33:05
goracck you dont say 2018-02-13 05:20:16
goracck you guise ever vrchat? it is da wei. 2018-02-13 04:55:43
goracck sdegabriele, vrchat with face cams 2018-02-13 04:54:50
goracck someone should make a cloan called dickboard. 2018-02-13 04:33:35
goracck :( 2018-02-13 04:32:10
goracck salimkhan215, i mean realistically i can't say nasa is much better. 2018-02-13 04:28:16
goracck salimkhan215, see you do though because you get a bunch of government cronies to throw you tons of money 2018-02-13 04:27:22
goracck shortyz, lol no, CNN did. CNN who just today was caught publishing NK propaganda directly from their foreign minister 2018-02-13 04:26:32
goracck salimkhan215, <--- this guy knows 2018-02-13 04:26:02
goracck "news" is a tricky term these days 2018-02-13 04:25:33
goracck sdegabriele, yea, and they're punished for it, because culturally you're not allowed to rape. 2018-02-13 04:23:44
goracck you don't think it's got anything to do with vastly different cultures suddenly being part of each other's daily life? 2018-02-13 04:22:57
goracck i was in north africa recently 2018-02-13 04:20:34
goracck have you ever been to africa? 2018-02-13 04:19:56
goracck that's scientifically proven to be the 'sweet spot' for crime 2018-02-13 04:18:18
goracck it comes down to IQ and study after study finds that the average IQ on the african continent is 75-80 2018-02-13 04:17:52
goracck well i'm not at least 2018-02-13 04:16:37
goracck just that culture varies vastly and incompatibly 2018-02-13 04:15:54
goracck none of us are suggesting races are different species 2018-02-13 04:15:37
goracck not to mention you'd just freeze or be eaten by bears 2018-02-13 04:13:27
goracck fucking idiots. but diversity is our strength guise, amirite? 2018-02-13 04:12:32
goracck i read about that 2018-02-13 04:12:14
goracck but canada's got a way cushier welfare state than America 2018-02-13 04:11:49
goracck like legally 2018-02-13 04:11:34
goracck yea. i mean shit there's still salvadorans here from the 2004 quake 2018-02-13 04:11:12
goracck shortyz, bro omg yes they do. so many people wanted to go when Trump won and they had no idea there's things like visas, sponsorship & a job required. They think they can just do what mexicans do and run across the border. 2018-02-13 04:10:03
goracck MadMattzAK, idk it's really hard to hold on to money if you're dumb. Just look at literally every lottery winner ever. 2018-02-13 04:07:32
goracck shortyz, my answer to the jobs issue has always been this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a47dmb7wOl0 2018-02-13 04:06:51
goracck that song was awesome though 2018-02-13 04:05:35
goracck they don't call this the trollbox for no reason 2018-02-13 04:05:08
goracck I mean i could understand how you'd think that about Trump but if he was as dumb as everyone thinks, someone smarter would've fleeced him of his money a long time ago. 2018-02-13 04:04:26
goracck MadMattzAK, seriously tho, who's actually running canada these days? because i'm just not able to bring myself to believe Trudeau can run a country. 2018-02-13 04:02:11
goracck oh i thought you meant with the revised words they were debating not long ago 2018-02-13 04:00:58
goracck ahh yes, and of course PM Zoolander would be happy to support it. Have you hear how they're renaming manitoba to peopletoba? 2018-02-13 03:59:42
goracck do capital hill next 2018-02-13 03:58:04
goracck although last i checked, it's Canada, not America, that still operates under the royal perogative. 2018-02-13 03:56:51
goracck no but they burned down the whitehouse in the war of 1812 2018-02-13 03:56:05
goracck provinces 2018-02-13 03:55:04
goracck eh 2018-02-13 03:54:39
goracck they may as well call this the canada box 2018-02-13 03:54:35
goracck most of canada is a shooting range because like 90% of the population lives within 50 miles of the US border 2018-02-13 03:53:46
goracck awe don't say that, canada's a great place, just too cold most of the time 2018-02-13 03:52:02
goracck Canada: the siberia of north america. 2018-02-13 03:51:13
goracck and the states def don't use any metric units of any kind. imperial all the way 2018-02-13 03:49:48
goracck na because they became chickens 2018-02-13 02:04:46
goracck you guys realize 100% of the north pole ice could melt and sea level would not change? 2018-02-13 02:01:54
goracck lol 2018-02-12 02:59:53
goracck daytalus, actually they'd just be auditing how much USD is in the fund they claim backs tether. If it's not 1:1, there's a problem 2018-02-11 22:36:30
goracck lol hashing out, i see what you did there 2018-02-11 22:34:58
goracck finex isn't a US company and they don't serve US customers so there's really no jurisdiction 2018-02-11 22:33:46
goracck or if it will even be performed 2018-02-11 22:33:26
goracck they're flush with cash 2018-02-11 22:32:28
goracck 10K minimum deposit last i checked so yea i'd say they 2018-02-11 22:32:23
goracck finex owns it 2018-02-11 22:31:28
goracck ha 2018-02-11 21:15:36
goracck Darkoofthedark, +1 2018-02-11 21:12:42
goracck lol 2018-02-11 21:11:11
goracck lol you only need to heat steal to 50% of it's melting point for it to lose virtually all it's rigidity 2018-02-11 21:10:11
goracck maybe that's true but i think you should have the liberty to make that choice. 2018-02-11 21:03:55
goracck cheers to that 2018-02-11 21:03:17
goracck you guys ever realize Trump is a ginger? 2018-02-11 21:02:11
goracck like what do you ask it? if it says yes that's just because it's algo told it to say yes 2018-02-11 21:00:55
goracck well would you even be able to tell if a machine achieved conciousness? 2018-02-11 21:00:34
goracck yea so that's my point, it doesn't need to be full blown ai 2018-02-11 20:59:36
goracck or maybe cause prototype testing was complete 2018-02-11 20:59:09
goracck remember microsoft's bot they had to take down because it became racist? 2018-02-11 20:58:28
goracck yea but you can make a bot that comes up with responses good enough where you may not be sure it's a bot 2018-02-11 20:58:13
goracck not full blown AI, convincing someone of something through text is easier than say in video 2018-02-11 20:57:48
goracck you guys think there's turing-capable twitter bots out there? 2018-02-11 20:56:26
goracck they're basically the kgb these days 2018-02-11 20:55:42
goracck well finance is largely a dick measuring contest, so... 2018-02-11 06:14:15
goracck yea it's weird i think it needs to be more than 4 in a row 2018-02-11 05:21:01
goracck i won't lie though, it does look amazing 2018-02-11 04:15:13
goracck i've been following it for a while. seems like a massive scam in the form of a video game 2018-02-11 04:14:47
goracck https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eu2OYcgr4rM 2018-02-11 03:30:34
goracck ingrish prease 2018-02-11 03:26:51
goracck as in it's just a line he drew, not a TA 2018-02-10 20:47:48
goracck CaptainClaw, lol nailed it 2018-02-10 20:17:36
goracck maybe he fell under the chat limit lol 2018-02-10 20:17:13
goracck I distinctly remember saying to myself "wow $4 LTC? that's insane, who would buy something that overpriced." 2018-02-10 20:06:36
goracck according to coinbase, LTC was $3.50 this time last year and ether was $12. Insane. 2018-02-10 20:04:35
goracck u wut m8? 2018-02-10 05:52:00
goracck dermaink, i do, it's just we face a particularly pernicious enemy 2018-02-10 05:47:44
goracck but maybe it can somehow be hijacked 2018-02-10 05:45:51
goracck that's a lot of time for shitty ideas to reinvent themselves in newly marketable ways 2018-02-10 05:45:08
goracck just how much longer will it take to crumble is the question 2018-02-10 05:44:07
goracck then you get Venezuela that's like: COMMUNISM COIN! that's the answer to the capitalist's economic manipulation 2018-02-10 05:42:53
goracck yea the communist states of the old world won't last much longer imo. 2018-02-10 05:42:18
goracck mjwlod, +100 2018-02-10 05:41:33
goracck that'd be a start 2018-02-10 05:40:37
goracck then figure out how to defeat communism once and for all 2018-02-10 05:40:31
goracck dermaink, oh well then seemingly, yes 2018-02-10 05:40:04
goracck sdegabriele, tb limit is 1K so it's actually way worse 2018-02-10 05:39:26
goracck dermaink, no i just wasn't sure what you meant by "brother" it can have many meanings depending on context 2018-02-10 05:39:16
goracck dermaink, .... like.... as in you're black? 2018-02-10 05:37:58
goracck dermaink, oh i didn't mean it that way, i was just saying we're all ancient trolls in here so when you say things like "back when...", we all know what you mean lol 2018-02-10 05:36:36
goracck dermaink, I find solace in the fact that being able to talk in this box means you have more savings than 60% of americans 2018-02-10 05:35:15
goracck dermaink, indeed 2018-02-10 05:34:46
goracck dermaink, whelp no, i haz a day job 2018-02-10 05:34:21
goracck fbi is basically the kgb these days 2018-02-10 05:33:19
goracck dermaink, RE: 'beta testers... long time'. higher profile ID = newer account. You're 400K, most of us are 100K 2018-02-10 05:32:16
goracck dermaink, you actually have the highest profile ID in the TB right now 2018-02-10 05:30:48
goracck dermaink, https://www.coindesk.com/us-marshals-successfully-auction-off-30-million-bitcoin/ 2018-02-10 05:29:56
goracck they just finished auctioning those 2018-02-10 05:28:26
goracck a coin is a venture whereas a token is a debenture 2018-02-10 05:27:50
goracck Caprikorn1223, they're not a scam 2018-02-10 05:27:40
goracck earlier there was one that was 1042 btc 2018-02-10 05:18:49
goracck one of the best feelings in the world is opening steam and seeing something on your wishlist that's 75% off for no reason 2018-02-10 05:15:46
goracck he probably still lurks though 2018-02-10 05:14:06
goracck pretty sure hes retired, sitting on a mountain of cash 2018-02-10 05:13:09
goracck bongskag, i was referring to an infamous phishing email that circulated in the late 90s 2018-02-10 04:52:17
goracck wakaliwood is legit though. produces better movies than hollywood these days 2018-02-10 04:51:52
goracck even though it's a ugandan meme not nigerian. at least someone got it 2018-02-10 04:50:46
goracck dreamtrove, touche' 2018-02-10 04:50:16
goracck dis is not de wai 2018-02-10 04:48:24
goracck bongskag, lol +1 2018-02-10 04:47:42
goracck let me sho u de wai 2018-02-10 04:47:15
goracck bongskag, no but my cousin in nigeria can. he's a prince. 2018-02-10 04:46:08
goracck unless you got this account 2nd hand 2018-02-10 04:45:43
goracck bongskag, lol no you're not, not with a user ID that low 2018-02-10 04:45:16
goracck i just kiding, it's not bad. some idiots in here made their account name their actual name. the made new accounts quick in most cases 2018-02-10 04:31:51
goracck gheyer than aids 2018-02-10 04:31:14
goracck dermaink, oh true that's way more cool lol 2018-02-10 04:12:41
goracck dermaink, you mean phil collins? 2018-02-10 04:11:58
goracck sdegabriele, i bet we could get wex to add a widget 2018-02-10 04:11:23
goracck sdegabriele, cause the more I think about it the more i realize that's a great idea 2018-02-10 04:11:12
goracck sdegabriele, were you serious about building a prediction leader board based on trollbox calls? 2018-02-10 04:10:34
goracck we really do need a predictions leader board 2018-02-10 04:08:22
goracck lolk 2018-02-10 03:38:37
goracck CaptainClaw, sounds just like every communist government 2018-02-10 01:57:37
goracck </3 = no balls allowed symbol 2018-02-10 01:56:03
goracck it disappeared lol as usual 2018-02-10 01:45:13
goracck anyone else notice the moster sell wall 2018-02-10 01:43:44
goracck i just hope kim.com finishes his alternative internet project before the diabetes gets him 2018-02-09 05:06:17
goracck Member megaupload? I member. 2018-02-09 05:05:15
goracck long story short: the internet won the piracy war. it's barely persued nowadays unless you're somehow pinpoitned as the source or leaker 2018-02-09 05:04:50
goracck well yea but most noobs don't know that. that's why you end up with private communities like demonoid 2018-02-09 05:03:42
goracck mjwlod, bittorrent was meant to dilute risk, not improve tech. 2018-02-09 05:02:09
goracck https://sophon.ai/ 2018-02-09 04:58:53
goracck you guys see bitmain is making AI chips now? 2018-02-09 04:58:16
goracck alternating caps (vomits) 2018-02-09 04:57:47
goracck lol no who told you that 2018-02-09 04:57:06
goracck sdegabriele, like 2012 ish using a fullnode wallet. 2018-02-09 04:54:59
goracck i distinctly remember sending tx's with 0 fee and it arriving no problem 2018-02-09 04:54:17
goracck fees 2018-02-09 04:37:11
goracck shhhh no, no bulls, only bears now 2018-02-09 04:36:49
goracck shortyz, agreed. i say bring back corporal punishment in schools 2018-02-09 04:35:43
goracck shortyz, jesus where did you go to school, aushwitz? 2018-02-09 04:34:51
goracck shortyz, i knew a girl that did that. she had a whole notebook of dicks. like in superbad. 2018-02-09 04:33:26
goracck finex and stamp are the only prices that matter 2018-02-09 03:50:06
goracck it's the trollbox premium 2018-02-09 03:48:39
goracck which is basically what a miner is 2018-02-01 04:29:16
goracck that's still less than an average space heater though 2018-02-01 04:29:01
goracck https://www.technologyreview.com/s/514581/government-lab-reveals-quantum-internet-operated-continuously-for-over-two-years/ 2018-02-01 04:11:40
goracck you guys know the DoD has operated quantum networks for like almost a decade 2018-02-01 04:11:08
goracck well you're in the wrong place than lol 2018-02-01 04:07:09
goracck spoken like a true angry tech nerd 2018-02-01 04:06:44
goracck "sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic" 2018-02-01 04:06:06
goracck what you've never seen a connection so fast that the storage becomes the limiting factor? 2018-02-01 04:03:57
goracck and write speed 2018-02-01 04:03:24
goracck Darkoofthedark, we basically already do, it's just a matter of how much HDD space do you have 2018-02-01 04:02:22
goracck quantum computers pose a real threat to encryption as we know it 2018-02-01 04:02:03
goracck sdegabriele, you can't reverse it. i mean even if our hash was simple like 1+3+4+2=10. there's lots of combinations of numbers that make 10 and the only to get the right one is to test them all 2018-02-01 04:01:07
goracck it's crazy to imagine theres whales out there with tens of thousands of btc 2018-02-01 03:57:17
goracck sdegabriele, fortunes are like energy imo. neither created nor destroyed but merely transfered 2018-02-01 03:55:42
goracck Darkoofthedark, it kind of is if you think about it. 2018-02-01 03:49:11
goracck realistically though co2 is hardly a polutant when there's things benzene out there 2018-02-01 03:48:11
goracck ter800tlg, spoken like a true green communist 2018-02-01 03:46:04
goracck a coin is a venture whereas a token is a debenture 2018-02-01 03:34:53
goracck PIF, yea but look at it this way: if they survived the FBI / DOJ, they're basically bullet proof 2018-02-01 03:33:27
goracck Darkoofthedark, ironically that's where the most green seems to be 2018-02-01 03:32:36
goracck sdegabriele, there's nothing wrong with that at all. for me, it's more of a protest of the squandering of my wouldbe taxes 2018-02-01 03:30:57
goracck yea what dark said 2018-02-01 03:29:56
goracck PIF, wex is under no obligation to report your info but the fact that it's there and tied to your real name is enough 2018-02-01 03:29:50
goracck seriously lol the feds can eat an entire buffet of dicks 2018-02-01 03:28:57
goracck sdegabriele, no one holds tether. it's just a tool to get around the legality associated with having an exchange where dollars are involved. Bittrex doesn't have fiat therefore they're subject to far less scrutiny 2018-02-01 03:28:14
goracck just go to google translate and translate the phrase "US identity papers" into either Spanish or Hindi and I bet you can buy them online 2018-02-01 03:02:37
goracck I'm only half kidding 2018-02-01 03:01:31
goracck get a fake identity. I mean mexicans do it daily so how hard could it be 2018-02-01 03:00:38
goracck hiplainsdrifter, if you know any foreigners that you trust, you can have them register using their info 2018-02-01 02:59:26
goracck oh then you may be screwed :/ 2018-02-01 02:58:15
goracck hiplainsdrifter, yes but you can use that money to buy a coin you can send 2018-02-01 02:58:01
goracck hiplainsdrifter, oh wow actually i take that back, you've got a super low profile ID 2018-02-01 02:57:50
goracck hiplainsdrifter, lol it's not stuck you silly noob. just buy btc/ltc/eth/bch and send to coinbase 2018-02-01 02:57:03
goracck hiplainsdrifter, TA's aren't really applicable to meme coins imo 2018-02-01 02:55:02
goracck which, realistically, unless you're locked, there's no reason to 2018-02-01 02:54:04
goracck last time it took 2 years 2018-02-01 02:52:58
goracck smtddr, I love seeing people's reactions when I show them screenshots of my trade history trading BTC at ~$70 2018-02-01 02:52:12