facth LeonNegro, yes. "was".. 2018-03-14 20:45:16
facth we will see 3.000. Just dont know when exactly.This at 90% sure. And 1000 maybe, 10% posibilities.. 2018-03-14 20:22:53
facth Hi bitcoin,Fuck you. And go to hell 2018-03-14 20:10:43
facth Mr. People.. Moon 2018-01-18 00:41:47
facth Good mooning asia 2018-01-17 23:00:07
facth i think the real money will come in in 8k-9k area. Then Uptrend will be still intact. Then we will see a good rally up again. Maybe test 15k.. Coz its the point where you can go while not making bull market again 2018-01-17 22:45:06
facth this dump was manipulation at its best.. Probably hedge funds with lotss of bitcoins from people invest. Now selling in the top and beting with ALL this money from sells in futures obviously to go down. Then they make money up and down and double bitcoins 2018-01-17 22:42:01
facth cjphil, :] 2018-01-17 16:20:08
facth Sellers you are not wellcome 2018-01-17 16:19:03
facth seyko, why? Korea made a pretty inverted head and shoulders.. And we are also generating it 2018-01-17 03:32:50
facth spfzeero, i also taked my full bcash loan at bottom again 1500 2018-01-17 03:32:09
facth spawnbsd, The more quanty i bough, the more number went up for liquidate. When i saw ltc bottom at 150 now, with tons of thousen buys behind me, i just bough all. Then margin trading price went a bit up and liquidates. Damm surely was for 1 dolar.. This was the bottom, from here UP!! I want cry.. 2018-01-17 03:31:26
facth spawnbsd, This loan was super healthy.. Even messing with all loan coming down from 17k (but i was selling and rebuying, ok messing but still bch and ltc was healthy) 2018-01-17 03:30:10
facth spawnbsd, See.. I even taked a big first bottom in 150 weeks ago.. And also went up to 250 where i sold 2018-01-17 03:29:35
facth spawnbsd, i used for correct my ltc position while bull btc market all in btc. So i had also good ltc going up 2018-01-17 03:29:00
facth spawnbsd, I taked a loan in ltc huobi, x3 2018-01-17 03:28:28
facth How come my ltc loan liquidated when i bough 155? 2018-01-17 03:27:25
facth And ltc was also good.. Then i was trying to catch the bottom, First 180. Then sell again, rebuy 150 and some.. And freeking loan liquidating.. Whyyyyy!!! See all i am loosing in ltc going up 2018-01-17 03:26:56
facth I was messing with some loan as a stupid coming from up. Bch loan GREAT, i have since bch 1500 to the pump to 4000. (now i catch the bottom 1500 with it again xD). Btc loan was a disaster, coz i stupid didnt sell up 17k... Stupid!! 2018-01-17 03:26:05
facth salimkhan215, buying now? while im selling xD 2018-01-17 00:01:40
facth I will have more than i had back in 2014.. 2018-01-16 23:58:18
facth i am selling at 11.000 xD... 2018-01-16 23:58:03
facth Schrantee, not now. in a few days after bounce 2018-01-16 19:47:07
facth birdy209, that exact phrase somebody said to me then. Was: "you always see the glass half full, right?" 2018-01-16 19:39:22
facth Abraham18, which news 2018-01-16 19:37:50
facth Craigrs, ahh so you remember. He he. The irony.. I didnt sell.. After give the advice to everybody 2018-01-16 19:37:16
facth Craigrs, If no bad news or so. We can have the bounce in a few days. Maybe in this week 2018-01-16 19:36:46
facth Craigrs, In the first fall we went to 10k. I said bounce to 17k. People didnt believe 2018-01-16 19:36:06
facth to 16,5k sorry 2018-01-16 19:34:59
facth Now i think we will have a bounce. And probably to 16k. and complete a beautiful, big and pure Head and Shoulders before dump to 8k 2018-01-16 19:34:50
facth Ryanrule, xD i get you.. 2018-01-16 17:36:49
facth kneedrag, you thinking on a bounce from here to 14k? 2018-01-16 17:36:05
facth Craigrs, now you think? i see we go dip maybe 8k before a bounce. Who knows 2018-01-16 17:34:28
facth Craigrs, I think i will sell all in the first little top i find (i think we will not see more by now. We will go down directly) 2018-01-16 17:32:27
facth Caprikorn1223, But i can be wrong again. Sell all, and this go to the moon 2018-01-16 17:31:19
facth Caprikorn1223, Who knows. But first i see 5k 2018-01-16 17:30:56
facth I will take out like near 200k $ now.. At 17k and with all my coins. More than half million 2018-01-16 17:29:58
facth Craigrs, i knew all.. I even gave the advice.. 17k, then sell.. but i was too tired.. The upwards get you like hipnotic... Then i just was paralized... And the disaster.. 2018-01-16 17:28:46
facth at 17k price.. Now less 20 btc.. in 11k price.. 2018-01-16 17:27:44
facth I made like near 40 btc 2018-01-16 17:27:29
facth Ready to sell anytime now.. And go away with my money.. 2018-01-16 17:27:14
facth Craigrs, i was saying at trollbox we would reach 17k.. People dont believe. Then sell.. Ok.. i DIDNT sell.. And not enough.. I had Loans to sell to (in nice gains). I didnt sell.. I was bagholding loans too and this was a trendchange.. So i lost a lot of coins.. Now i am put all together. Ready to s 2018-01-16 17:26:31
facth Craigrs, i did great. until this week.. This was my horrible week 2018-01-16 17:25:10
facth techn0, It seems.. 2018-01-16 17:24:40
facth Joltflame, chinesse end of year finish midle february 2018-01-16 17:24:32
facth techn0, end of the bull market. Begin a bear market. Target 8k, maybe some bounce, then 5k.. Bounce. Then who knows.. Maybe 2k 2018-01-16 17:24:02
facth Its biyhump off? 2018-01-14 14:28:03
facth and at this pace also btc to 4k......... 2018-01-14 14:26:10
facth https://cryptowat.ch/bithumb/ethkrw/30m 2018-01-14 14:24:40
facth why is bithumb stuck?? Something happened? 2018-01-14 14:24:36
facth Nioc, why, which news? 2018-01-14 02:45:29
facth why is litecoin in arally? any news? 2018-01-14 02:27:42
facth koningleo, mooncoin will moon first 2018-01-12 00:56:17
facth bitcoin got aids' cancer.. 2018-01-12 00:54:37
facth CaptainClaw, ah ok tnks.. which kind investigation is? 2018-01-08 18:57:33
facth CaptainClaw, korea bank investigation? when we had those news? Korea made a new ATH just few days ago 2018-01-08 18:55:54
facth the more amazing is. no reason. no news for dump. just bear action 2018-01-08 18:53:30
facth danims, im already fucked up.. still dont know wtf is happening 2018-01-08 18:04:15
facth danims, im trying to ask which news are driving this. but no answers. maybe even not news. just sell off 2018-01-08 18:02:40
facth newss? 2018-01-08 17:54:42
facth driving 2018-01-08 17:53:53
facth which news are dricing this dump? 2018-01-08 17:53:48
facth Moon to the moon!! i was giving the advice since weeks 2018-01-06 12:42:22
facth well as i said days ago. first pu ps small coins in 2018 would be html and moon. i hope anybody taked the advice. html growing from 3 to 18 satoshis actually. moon from half to 4 2018-01-05 09:53:40
facth bch becoming having cancer of aids 2018-01-05 00:27:19
facth litecoin is a shame. trollcoin 2018-01-05 00:27:00
facth moon coin is in bleutrade and coinexchange 2018-01-04 21:48:37
facth moon coin 2018-01-04 21:47:50
facth _SnIpEr_, not ltc prepump... ltc is gay.. retrace all the minipump had 2018-01-04 21:38:23
facth Moon coin will be the anti ripple thing in this 2018 2018-01-04 21:22:53
facth maybe some months 2018-01-04 20:04:44
facth malatenango, 9 but dont know when.. 2018-01-04 20:04:29
facth malatenango, nah.. xpr still up, going to 9 2018-01-04 20:02:08
facth KreatorOfWealth, Moon moon 2018-01-04 19:59:01
facth i am more thinking that btc will not go down more.. MAny money can come in this year... more than 100.000 is more than posible.. Support at 12.000 was just amazing.. 2018-01-04 19:56:37
facth MadMattzAK, should go up anytime... And wild like ltc did now 2018-01-04 19:48:28
facth kneedrag, Pot moon? 2018-01-04 19:46:57
facth Something is cooking the chikun...... 2018-01-04 19:43:42
facth Yes yes its true. Its ATH volume today 2018-01-04 19:42:25
facth hmm 2018-01-04 19:41:29
facth then steam is no new? 2018-01-04 19:41:24
facth Steam rumors driving this maybe?? 2018-01-04 19:40:46
facth Its ATH volume today i think in litecoin 2018-01-04 19:40:39
facth what happened to litecoin, some news? 2018-01-04 19:38:37
facth encerr, :] 2018-01-04 16:46:49
facth Mooncoin will be the coin going from half satoshi to 100 satoshi this year. Another bet on shitcoins? I have one more. Html from 2-3 satoshi to 100 too 2018-01-04 16:00:09
facth The suitable currency of the year 2018.. Will be..... (sit well).. MOONCOIN 2018-01-04 15:52:39
facth dreamtrove, yep. I would say 10, but i would sell in 9 2018-01-04 15:51:29
facth dreamtrove, I see. Do u think we can reach 9 dorra this month? I think yes.. 2018-01-04 15:48:16
facth ("market cap" in my own language) 2018-01-04 15:32:49
facth dreamtrove, you dont think Ripple can end with similar Master cup than Bitcoin? 2018-01-04 15:32:26
facth eduardobitss, yes, i want make money with riplpe. I gope go to 9 in few weeks, but i dont want destroy bitcoin 2018-01-04 15:28:27
facth coz we know banksters made ripple for destroy the idea of btc and blockchain in the people and so.. 2018-01-04 15:27:13
facth Not fan of ripple but i think it will go to near 10 $ in few weeks.... 2018-01-04 15:25:17
facth Psy_lence, my problem im seeing is, yobit not allow me to withadrawal my html5 coins to the direction swp page provide me. I see the withadrawal procces begining with confirmations, then with minutes dissappear. And nothing is sent it seems 2018-01-03 04:14:05
facth Psy_lence, damm i was remembering you said reach a dollar long. I have like 30 millions coins. I would be rich xD 2018-01-03 03:54:47
facth Psy_lence, I just tried your system, just sent 100 html. So nothing to loose. If works i will send all 2018-01-03 03:51:44
facth Psy_lence, he he 2018-01-03 03:42:53
facth its like, have my old html5 in the old wallet. INStall the new wallet. Ask for payment, copy the direction to payment, and write in this swap page. Then the form will write me a direction for send my old html5 and then they will send me the new to my new wallet 2018-01-03 03:42:23
facth Psy_lence, yeah i trust you. Just i had those instructions: https://htmlcoincom-pfxdtfqnnxx.stackpathdns.com/files/Swapping_Guidelines_for_Htmlcoin.pdf 2018-01-03 03:40:35
facth Psy_lence, But then maybe i dont even need it as you say? 2018-01-03 03:37:46
facth Psy_lence, i was reading and they say: Download the wallet for the new coin (HTML) and request payment (generate address) and paste that in the form below to start the swap. The form will then provide you a HTML5 address to send your old coins 2018-01-03 03:37:24
facth Psy_lence, in email i put my email. Then they write me and tell me where to send my old coins? 2018-01-03 03:34:47
facth Psy_lence, great. Where they say: Enter your new HTMLCOIN 2.0 address . I put my bleutrade html deposit direction. Right? 2018-01-03 03:33:37
facth Psy_lence, great. Which page is? 2018-01-03 03:30:03
facth Psy_lence, ah ok I have yobit account, so i open another in bleutrade. So i send my old html5 to team, and give them my new bleutrade account, and they send me new html to bleutrade? 2018-01-03 03:29:07
facth Psy_lence, yes i readed that. I think i need to download the wallet and sync etc 2018-01-03 03:27:20
facth Psy_lence, i was reading but was a little messy but i will check now 2018-01-03 03:26:57
facth Psy_lence, i knew was a nice proyect and a cheap price, so i bough in 3 sat. Just i have the old html5 too but im swaping by selling at yobit and buying bleutrade new html 2018-01-03 03:25:48
facth Psy_lence, what do you know about html fundamentals and future? 2018-01-03 03:23:27
facth Psy_lence, i bough html in 3 sat. True can reach 100? 2018-01-03 03:22:18
facth head and shoulders 2018-01-03 02:33:35
facth CoinEX, this is a new H&S 2018-01-03 02:33:09
facth Moon 4 satoshi.. From half satoshi when i bough 1 week ago.. i am telling. First big pump 2018 will be moon 2018-01-01 14:05:56
facth I love moon coin not only coz i made grat bitcoins. No premine, fair, nice fundamentals. The FIRST coin even incorporating a (coingateway.com) to pay with moon in all big platforms (amazon, ebay, overstock, etc). This was early in 2015. Now new devs are reviving it, fork, Sgw, smartlikes, etc. 2018-01-01 11:01:34
facth 2014 i bough the day before go from 1 satoshi to 10.. I am just connected with that coin xD 2018-01-01 10:57:59
facth Icky2ks, i never fail. If i have the feelling, and i buy moon at half satoshi, then explode. Was that in begin of 2014, from 1 satoshi to 40. And i bough last week again at half satoshi and its already exploding to 3 2018-01-01 10:57:31
facth the first coin to go to the moon in this 2018 is, moon coin 2018-01-01 10:51:43
facth Mr. People, Happy new year 2018-01-01 09:04:38
facth xd 2017-12-30 14:38:11
facth monkeymaker, who can sleep with weird slow falls like this? 2017-12-30 14:37:48
facth rhis btc resistance to fall begi ing ro be quite absurd already... 2017-12-30 14:09:13
facth smtddr, 400 to 40 will be the new 38 to 4 2017-12-30 13:45:15
facth lol... we break 13k... rhen rebound a bit.. a big sell wall at 13k.. and people buying it again.. xd 2017-12-30 13:37:51
facth yeahh. we fall 100 bucks more than ptecious crash 8 hours ago.. woww.. at least at huobi.. and of course rebound again... 2017-12-30 13:33:32
facth codwala, yes. but by 2024 at this pace 2017-12-30 13:32:57
facth this is the most slow fall i ever saw..... rebound again and again.. 2017-12-30 13:32:16
facth CaptainClaw, yes. thats rhe reason i sold 2.6. btc will crash and ripple with him 2017-12-30 13:20:05
facth you all should hear our captain when saying btz is a ponzy sheme and sell all your bitcoins no stop untill 9.000 price 2017-12-30 13:09:12
facth z1ka, nice price. i hope we revisit 17k 2017-12-28 12:39:10
facth thats why a recover 2017-12-28 12:38:44
facth news was so fake. no korea ban. only not allow kids less 18 to trade 2017-12-28 12:38:26
facth z1ka, so buy now 2017-12-28 12:37:19
facth rocojo, no jokes.. coz gox will reopen soon.. ;) just i cant talk details 2017-12-28 12:16:53
facth or moon coin xd 2017-12-28 11:02:15
facth zika is aliveeeee :) 2017-12-28 10:55:44
facth in 2013 we dump and reach same area 1000 price at least 2 times 2017-12-28 10:46:38
facth not even similar 2017-12-28 10:45:55
facth so fake news 2017-12-28 10:44:09
facth https://www.reddit.com/r/Bitcoin/comments/7mkvte/lol_at_people_selling_only_because_korea_decided/ 2017-12-28 10:43:04
facth http://m.news.naver.com/hotissue/read.nhn?sid1=101&cid=1074429&iid=2710272&oid=277&aid=0004148227 2017-12-28 10:27:15
facth news are fake 2017-12-28 10:26:58
facth korea sube un poco de nuevo 2017-12-28 09:33:36
facth snow in cryptowatch is getting me on nerves.. how the hell i can disable? 2017-12-28 07:52:49
facth cryptofuture, yes. china and usa did and bitcoin didnt take care at al.. 2017-12-28 07:22:22
facth cryptofuture, exactly. just anonimus accounts 2017-12-28 07:15:16
facth CaptainClaw, u rebuying? 2017-12-28 07:09:17
facth https://twitter.com/iamjosephyoung/status/946228208667463680 2017-12-28 07:08:38
facth tnk u mates 2017-12-28 06:54:34
facth CaptainClaw, u have tons of coins 2017-12-28 06:52:35
facth can u link korea market? 2017-12-28 06:52:11
facth this is new... im rebuying at huobi system saya token is no valid... need to resign.. loos great rebuy.. token los cojones! 2017-12-28 06:51:18
facth ban 2017-12-28 06:33:40
facth its not a bab 2017-12-28 06:33:34
facth Government says will ban opening anonymous cryptocurrency account 2017-12-28 06:33:26
facth sell now 14500 rebuy 14000 fly to 17000 2017-12-28 06:27:46
facth buy or die 2017-12-28 06:22:31
facth luyenvandat, just a support retest 2017-12-28 06:21:07
facth you guys read the charts? remember the correction from 24 december day? dont think is quite similar? 2017-12-28 06:18:47
facth i just see the same pattern days ago wh3n correct from 14800 to 12000. its exactly the same patte4n. then now can recover to 17i 2017-12-28 06:13:41
facth is something happening some bad news? 2017-12-28 05:52:50
facth ah a dash fork 2017-12-27 08:56:49
facth dreamtrove, 2x segw is messing around again?? 2017-12-27 08:56:19
facth dreamtrove, btc atom fork is in 39 hours? 2017-12-27 08:54:38
facth Heyyy, Mr People. Now Bitcoin to 17000 as i was saying last days it sounding that crazy? :-p 2017-12-27 08:23:45
facth trikster83, Ltc is strong lately, Its even holdint usd price while Btc fall in a little correction. Should breakout soon at least to 300 and make ratio go up from here i guess. But maybe we have another btc shot up to 17k before that occurs 2017-12-26 11:47:07
facth when is the fork for bitcoin atom? 2017-12-26 11:37:29
facth Prepare engines for another Btc 1k $ jump 2017-12-26 09:51:08
facth are* not and 2017-12-26 09:49:06
facth rei_7350, Now alts and gay and cowards while btc go from 3k to 17k jump 2017-12-26 09:48:55
facth rei_7350, sure, when btc take a breath 2017-12-26 09:47:49
facth PPc will be for one week in all his entire life in non acumulation phase, and it will shot up to 30 $ 2017-12-26 09:47:22
facth Bitcoin Diamoooooooon 2017-12-26 09:45:34
facth newlife2000, yes. But better in 17k 2017-12-26 08:52:39
facth ltc can go to 320 at least. But when wake up... that can be indetermined time in ltc...... 2017-12-26 08:49:38
facth GabbyCoin, ltc is a shit... cant wake up by now 2017-12-26 08:44:50
facth subnormal 2017-12-26 08:31:12
facth Hw yu can trade with subnrma peple with subnrma thinking? 2017-12-26 08:30:57
facth the people is subnormal.. No other explanation 2017-12-26 08:27:26
facth and even the subnormal. Sell when btc make a little retrace. Sometimes alts are stupid 2017-12-26 08:26:00
facth I hav small positions in alts. But is desperate how i buy ltc in the almost breakout and i am literally THE ONLY freeking human bough.. At huobi!! With 1000 millions chinesse people... xD 2017-12-26 08:24:55
facth daytalus, can paint new usdt? i though was just people money into a crypto way 2017-12-26 08:17:53
facth dreamtrove, For that i only go small amounts to alts. And i cover with Loans for enforce this positions (when bull time like that). So my btc net will not crash in those btc spikes 2017-12-26 08:17:09
facth Now i sound less crazy when sayint some days ago btc to 17k? :] 2017-12-26 08:16:04
facth Bch is already awaking up too 2017-12-26 08:15:36
facth Ltc and bch are in the step before a breakout too. they will just when btc take a breath 2017-12-26 07:41:30
facth Volume is great. Volume in the last bottom was great to be a bottom. W bottom after confirmed it 2017-12-26 07:38:41
facth daytalus, nuts is good or bad? 2017-12-26 07:38:12
facth LeonNegro, not imposible at all 2017-12-26 07:20:38
facth aybtctrading, I hope the next is fees 0 again.. As same Pboc prohibited by january 2017-12-26 07:19:44
facth aybtctrading, Huobi. It seems china recovered Loans recently :) After prohibition from Pboc in January 2017-12-26 07:19:21
facth dreamtrove, oh you are in Neo, Oh la la.. 2017-12-26 07:18:45
facth dreamtrove, It was quite obvious 2017-12-26 07:18:13
facth aybtctrading, true. For correct this problem with ratio. I use loan with alt like my part of ltc. So when ltc run less, Loan maintain the btc net intact. 2017-12-26 07:17:20
facth aybtctrading, 19k is not imposible. Even new top is not imposible. Bitcoin was in a diabolic parabola and anything is posible. Nobody can say this parabola is already done. Maybe has another shot up still. But at least 17k is a retest of resistance and the right shoulder of the H&S 2017-12-26 07:15:56
facth aybtctrading, Market cap now is afraid after the dump. Reading the charts and seeing the solid W bottom and this recover will tell they can get in now in 14k and earn a good 20-25% until 17k 2017-12-26 07:13:37
facth I told days ago. This was a bottom and a recover to climb to 17k (bitstamp) 2017-12-26 07:01:06
facth Snivlem, your nick here is not bad at all 2017-12-24 04:27:37
facth Snivlem, xD how kind 2017-12-24 04:24:06
facth CaptainClaw, Damm... Then this is not normal in other exchanges 2017-12-24 04:22:06