dreamtrove night night 2018-01-22 04:13:20
dreamtrove djehankidd, sleepy now 2018-01-22 04:12:38
dreamtrove djehankidd, 2018-01-22 04:11:25
dreamtrove ion looks like a toad run over by a truck 2018-01-22 03:08:25
dreamtrove ltc unchanged btc pamp 2018-01-22 03:06:50
dreamtrove lotaa bears ahead of this epic moon 2018-01-22 03:04:16
dreamtrove tfw ion 2018-01-22 03:02:38
dreamtrove because eth isonly up a brazilian percent 2018-01-22 02:42:45
dreamtrove I might buy eth with my fiat like a fiat ether 2018-01-22 02:40:47
dreamtrove comraderie is low today. market too flat like earth 2018-01-22 02:39:55
dreamtrove CaptainClaw, ION 2018-01-22 02:31:34
dreamtrove ion remoon 2018-01-22 02:27:39
dreamtrove good questions, what are you mining? 2018-01-22 02:24:38
dreamtrove so often now i find myself with fingers on the long and short buttons at the same time. 2018-01-22 02:08:57
dreamtrove I called "me stupidly buying in" at the exactlow 2018-01-22 02:07:11
dreamtrove lol hope you call that buy in comment 2018-01-22 02:06:45
dreamtrove DoTheHappyDance, they can't stop chatting, chat limit is actually now set to .5 bch 2018-01-22 02:02:49
dreamtrove ION Moon Music https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nxa09aZ6ZN8 2018-01-22 02:01:01
dreamtrove <-- buying like an idiot 2018-01-22 01:47:41
dreamtrove it's hard to short because btc doesn't likeot keep going down it randomly moons 2018-01-22 01:45:19
dreamtrove start by buying ION 2018-01-22 01:38:29
dreamtrove ION MoooOOOOooooon! 2018-01-22 01:32:00
dreamtrove if you start in Wichita and travel to topeka and then continue in the same direction eventually you will be back in Wichita. 2018-01-22 01:27:06
dreamtrove kansas may appear flat to you but i assure you it is round 2018-01-22 01:26:28
dreamtrove DoTheHappyDance, <-- chikun hodlr 2018-01-22 01:25:49
dreamtrove Darkoofthedark, but they hodl ltc so they are very rich now 2018-01-22 01:25:35
dreamtrove Greeks: oh. gee. thanks bye. 2018-01-22 01:25:13
dreamtrove Yes you idiots, I sailed around world it is round how else could i do that if earth was flat 2018-01-22 01:25:06
dreamtrove Pharaoh, the moon is round. do you think the Earth... 2018-01-22 01:24:49
dreamtrove They did it like so 2018-01-22 01:24:02
dreamtrove They said therefore the earth is round, and went to Egypt and poved their point. 2018-01-22 01:23:49
dreamtrove Ancient Greeks commented on this 2018-01-22 01:23:29
dreamtrove every thing we see in space is definitely round 2018-01-22 01:22:56
dreamtrove moon defintely round. 2018-01-22 01:22:46
dreamtrove we can see it's shadow 2018-01-22 01:22:40
dreamtrove yes 2018-01-22 01:22:34
dreamtrove lol where moon 2018-01-22 01:21:42
dreamtrove alex is sexy 2018-01-22 01:20:37
dreamtrove okay i sodl and it fell again but not far. if we're done here i might want to buy on the next cycle 2018-01-22 01:20:08
dreamtrove Darkoofthedark, we'll see 2018-01-22 01:19:33
dreamtrove civilization has probably risen and fallen half a dozen times since humanity evolved. each time we return to being savages, and are probably happier that way 2018-01-22 01:18:37
dreamtrove ayst, yeah it's the relationsihp of cycles and a lot of things are like that it's all cycles 2018-01-22 01:17:52
dreamtrove DoTheHappyDance, lol 2018-01-22 01:17:13
dreamtrove brandydog, lol it's already like that 2018-01-22 01:16:44
dreamtrove are just master manipulators. 2018-01-22 01:16:34
dreamtrove i mean schumer? srsly. he doesn't care what's good for anyone. He tore down black neighborhoods here so that he could contract the land for walmart. and everyone was very aware he was doing it, and then it's two years later he's claiming to be the champion of black people. it&apo 2018-01-22 01:16:26
dreamtrove pulling it into wwiii 2018-01-22 01:14:55
dreamtrove brandydog, srsly, he shouldn't. they don't have a difference of opinion on issues, they just want to see him hang. I'd be real happy with emperor trump and little pricess ivanka running the show. it's jake with me. I don't want to see a bunch of corporate stooges claws in ev 2018-01-22 01:14:51
dreamtrove todd_s, +1000, they don't even realize it 2018-01-22 01:13:38
dreamtrove women's rights, gay rights etc 2018-01-22 01:13:11
dreamtrove ThaerHaddad, we use anything as an excuse 2018-01-22 01:12:32
dreamtrove leftyb revulsion to stay in power. 2018-01-22 01:12:16
dreamtrove Trump +1 and I mean it. I didn't vote for him, I voted for Bernie. Trump is a pig, but he actually has some idea of what he thinks is right for america and tries to do it. Also, the media and liberals hate him, which even as a democrat I feel it necessary to help anyone in that universal a left 2018-01-22 01:12:08
dreamtrove or his right hand man. but that's good, i think Al Sadr is a good guy 2018-01-22 01:10:54
dreamtrove yeah and they elected the mah'di lol 2018-01-22 01:10:35
dreamtrove all because uk had the prime ministers questions and parliament sessions airing on al jazeera bbc arabia 2018-01-22 01:10:13
dreamtrove ThaerHaddad, we triedn and they rejected us so it's actually british democracy in iraq now lol 2018-01-22 01:09:50
dreamtrove everyone study ancient greece. democracy was a total disaster. it's the rule of money and morons. 2018-01-22 01:09:23
dreamtrove let dan rule Danistan for 100 years and give him like a county. don't like it, move on 2018-01-22 01:08:52
dreamtrove I'd be happy with petty little tribal kings 2018-01-22 01:08:28
dreamtrove ayst, that was the joke, no? 2018-01-22 01:08:11
dreamtrove Democracy is a blender. You put in people and you get back diced vicera and all the scum rises to the top 2018-01-22 01:08:01
dreamtrove <-- knows that most muslim countries are democracies but like to play on a stereotype 2018-01-22 01:07:20
dreamtrove If you install democracy everywhere it only gets worse. 2018-01-22 01:06:57
dreamtrove ThaerHaddad, they were crooks in 632 which is why the caliph assasinated ali to declare himself the head of the faith. but then that's leaders for you. 2018-01-22 01:06:36
dreamtrove Yes, we just years of practice as being whiney little bitches and passive aggressive manipulators around the dinner table where oy vey Bernie it's always you're fault! This is not wild caught salmon. look at the color. Does your mother know you're passive off farmed salmon as alaska w 2018-01-22 01:05:57
dreamtrove ThaerHaddad, I know some caliph shot some guy in Basra in 632 but y'all are way over that by now :) 2018-01-22 01:04:32
dreamtrove <-- doesn't really believe that, but there is something there 2018-01-22 01:03:44
dreamtrove I've been defending israel for years, and you know they're assholes with no sound position to do what they do and are whiny little bitches which makes it hard at times, but just stand for an hour in this trollbox and you see why it's necessary 2018-01-22 01:03:32
dreamtrove ThaerHaddad, nah, you can do it "oh no! don't do that to our immigrants, it's a cultural difference. we don't believe in obey your laws. just changes then to work for us. if you jsut give us control of education and finnance it will be fine.) 2018-01-22 01:02:12
dreamtrove brandydog, sure, but there's always a grain of truth in it, that that is, how we, as a species, function 2018-01-22 01:00:06
dreamtrove and if you watch next 20 years muslims are going ot manipulate european govts the same way 2018-01-22 00:59:45
dreamtrove ^ do I think the palestinians got screwed, of course they got screwed because my people manipulated the british govt into taking them out and now manipulates the americans, and while i can kibitz about it, I'm not going to say it's not a successful tactic, 2018-01-22 00:59:26
dreamtrove ThaerHaddad, that's right. We did. Because we could :) sorry about that. Now learn to fight 2018-01-22 00:58:05
dreamtrove "ThaerHaddad: the jews are so innocent ... they only stole land from other people" 2018-01-22 00:57:42
dreamtrove like this 2018-01-22 00:56:57
dreamtrove I'm irish or whatever you are and in ireland we do things a certain way and I say lazy fux is lazy fux or whatever it is your gut inclines you to say rather than what we've told you to say 2018-01-22 00:56:53
dreamtrove brandydog, to some extent sure. I guess my point was, Political Correctness is a trap for the mind, and if someone decares you a bigot or some label that was handed out by frankfurt school as "bad" then don't go and hide behind it and say "oh, no, I'm not that!" but jus 2018-01-22 00:56:16
dreamtrove see, we come in for a ton of abuse in this trollbox, but you don't see me complaining of it because I agree with them, not about jews, but that they are not jews 2018-01-22 00:54:48
dreamtrove jesus' name means blakc olive, make of that what you will, I choose to make salad of it 2018-01-22 00:53:08
dreamtrove brandydog, maybe, but i suspect it's speciation. squirrels do it. a groundhog and chipmunk aren't species, they're just types of squirrel that behave differently and keep to themselves. some date they may be separate species, but not today. 2018-01-22 00:52:18
dreamtrove nice godwin there mjwlod. 2018-01-22 00:51:05
dreamtrove they weren't created by focus groups, we evolved this way. 2018-01-22 00:50:41
dreamtrove brandydog, if ethnic groups have nothing to add then why do they exist? 2018-01-22 00:49:44
dreamtrove you're can steal scotty's coins just because he's ticking you off, that's not kosher 2018-01-22 00:49:19
dreamtrove other than chikun i mean 2018-01-22 00:48:28
dreamtrove I'm not going to sit here and bash scotty though. coins anyone? 2018-01-22 00:48:21
dreamtrove I'm actually very relieved that I'm on a team full of muslims rather than jews, because I don't need a lot of people who think just like me, that would only lead to kibitzing. 2018-01-22 00:47:41
dreamtrove brandydog, hopefully we all evolved to be better at something different, or at least to look in things a different way. There's a lot of advantage in that. 2018-01-22 00:46:52
dreamtrove everyone's a bigot, it's how the species evolved. If we weren't bigoted races and ethnicities wouldn't exist. It's just the fucking jews that want you to think that it's a bad thing. 2018-01-22 00:43:02
dreamtrove more punishment 2018-01-22 00:34:10
dreamtrove cheap chikun sale 2018-01-21 23:26:06
dreamtrove fud apocalypse bitcoin headed down to my buy order for more coins for meeee 2018-01-21 23:16:51
dreamtrove not to undermine the credibility of the daily express but this is one of their headlines. http://cdn.thewire.com/img/upload/2012/01/12/saltbannedinchipshops.jpg 2018-01-21 23:00:23
dreamtrove fiat earth 2018-01-21 22:52:00
dreamtrove i alreayd know,earth is flat, buy chikun 2018-01-21 22:51:38
dreamtrove melockecoins, follow the MacD 2018-01-21 22:50:02
dreamtrove I only carry bitguns 2018-01-21 22:49:33
dreamtrove i'm folding my bitcoins 2018-01-21 22:49:13
dreamtrove wow 2018-01-21 22:48:52
dreamtrove so winning 2018-01-21 22:48:37
dreamtrove such profit. 2018-01-21 22:48:15
dreamtrove skyline99, I built a bitcoin in my wallet. i hack bitcoin made many rich 2018-01-21 22:48:06
dreamtrove *hash 2018-01-21 22:47:23
dreamtrove Merkel has 2018-01-21 22:47:15
dreamtrove djehankidd, fud is fake 2018-01-21 22:46:42
dreamtrove Idk this "express.uk" but it seems to be fud central 2018-01-21 22:46:35
dreamtrove new fud from the fudmill https://www.express.co.uk/finance/city/907121/bitcoin-Cryptocurrency-price-risk-bans-Emmanuel-Macron-Angela-Merkel-France-Germany 2018-01-21 22:46:17
dreamtrove Emmanuel Macaroni is banning bitcoin 2018-01-21 22:45:36
dreamtrove i'm dubious of this rally. no volume 2018-01-21 22:44:29
dreamtrove Loother, india is a town in the south pacific, you get there by driving west on the m5 to a30 2018-01-21 22:41:27
dreamtrove we have a new indian fud 2018-01-21 22:35:03
dreamtrove ineffable 2018-01-21 22:23:25
dreamtrove uh oh, weakness in completely hopeless rally 2018-01-21 22:22:30
dreamtrove after three down waves you always get two pumps 2018-01-21 21:58:39
dreamtrove secondary pump 2018-01-21 21:58:22
dreamtrove djehankidd, pump 2018-01-21 21:58:15
dreamtrove contract confirmed 2018-01-21 21:57:49
dreamtrove i think it's contract time 2018-01-21 21:47:42
dreamtrove but not in BitConneeeeeeeeeeeeect! 2018-01-21 21:33:26
dreamtrove a lot of silent es 2018-01-21 21:33:13
dreamtrove Carpediem, If the vowel is an E 2018-01-21 21:31:48
dreamtrove scotty is asleep 2018-01-21 21:31:11
dreamtrove Things cheap in Zimbabwe? 2018-01-21 21:31:05
dreamtrove Bitconnnnnect! 2018-01-21 21:28:17
dreamtrove uh oh mr bitcoin 2018-01-21 21:23:17
dreamtrove not epic pump so it might crumble on us 2018-01-21 20:55:21
dreamtrove yeah, no more kneedrag 2018-01-21 20:53:27
dreamtrove doge doge doge doge 2018-01-21 20:52:27
dreamtrove CaptainClaw, that is a bouncy cat 2018-01-21 20:49:55
dreamtrove He told them to add doge 2018-01-21 20:47:57
dreamtrove occasionally he makes a good crypto call 2018-01-21 20:47:48
dreamtrove kneedrag really was banned 2018-01-21 20:47:19
dreamtrove he bought bitconnect 2018-01-21 20:46:14
dreamtrove monkeymaker can't talk 2018-01-21 20:45:52
dreamtrove sdegabriele, I have no clue what the fuck I'm doing, I just do it with confidence :) 2018-01-21 20:44:56
dreamtrove maybe i'm buying back in too early 2018-01-21 20:36:36
dreamtrove 1515 colonial land claims, 1620, international banks, 1719 creation of stocks, 1815, post imperial govt and corporate grabbag, 1913 federal reserve and phony fiat powers, 2009 bitcoin 2018-01-21 20:33:40
dreamtrove cjphil, or once in a century 2018-01-21 20:31:38
dreamtrove the fake out stumble happens after every crash 2018-01-21 20:31:05
dreamtrove zec ltc only available in og 2018-01-21 20:26:51
dreamtrove buying back in 2018-01-21 20:24:23
dreamtrove dash is taking over bitcoin 2018-01-21 20:05:22
dreamtrove cjphil, +2 2018-01-21 20:05:06
dreamtrove dash was 600ish 2018-01-21 20:00:22
dreamtrove still looking like a beargasm 2018-01-21 20:00:18
dreamtrove what's the eth bug? 2018-01-21 19:59:07
dreamtrove yeah, it's not. totally fake 2018-01-21 19:58:19
dreamtrove I love these squiggly lines. You can just makes stuff up and call it TA 2018-01-21 19:57:31
dreamtrove trollbox average predication https://www.tradingview.com/x/BOJQ4OCh/ 2018-01-21 19:55:56
dreamtrove they are adding monero in a week or so 2018-01-21 19:52:25
dreamtrove no xerple 2018-01-21 19:51:56
dreamtrove Withdraw your fiat or hodl your lambo 2018-01-21 19:51:16
dreamtrove because moon, it's dangerous 2018-01-21 19:50:38
dreamtrove finex bitocin is measured in tether and finex tether is backed by bitcoin. it's foolproof 2018-01-21 19:47:15
dreamtrove trump has the money and we have asked Mark Karpeles to get it for us if anyone askes 2018-01-21 19:46:27
dreamtrove and backed by a million 2018-01-21 19:45:47
dreamtrove each one is worth a million 2018-01-21 19:45:36
dreamtrove i'm gonna dev a new tether. it's called megabucks 2018-01-21 19:45:28
dreamtrove have a cow 2018-01-21 19:45:02
dreamtrove rocket to the moo 2018-01-21 19:44:49
dreamtrove $126 incoming https://www.tradingview.com/x/p7NJ09Nh/ 2018-01-21 19:42:55
dreamtrove s7pro, *680 2018-01-21 19:38:17
dreamtrove s7pro, discount bitcoin sale 2018-01-21 19:35:52
dreamtrove actually, on margin it can 2018-01-21 19:35:24
dreamtrove Loother, not if you hodl btc 2018-01-21 19:35:12
dreamtrove turns out grandmother lived on top of a hill https://www.tradingview.com/x/qUyaFUHK/ 2018-01-21 19:35:02
dreamtrove Loother, yeah, it's called hodl 2018-01-21 19:32:11
dreamtrove trade up to .001 and that baby can be yours 2018-01-21 19:31:33
dreamtrove Loother, https://images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/I/51BLVTvMc3L._SL1011_.jpg 2018-01-21 19:30:09
dreamtrove Loother, that's a lot of btc 2018-01-21 19:27:27
dreamtrove Loother, what are youn hodl? 2018-01-21 19:25:42
dreamtrove Loother, as soon as you see red. if you would ever sell later, just sell at the beginning 2018-01-21 19:24:03
dreamtrove this would be annoying 2018-01-21 19:21:28
dreamtrove Xoxoxox, maybe, more likely march 2018-01-21 19:17:46
dreamtrove it's pretty simple. i didn't put the red line in (200x6 here) because it's broken but this is how i have it on the 4hr (on 6 hr it's a 500 ma for the blue) https://www.tradingview.com/x/p3mDVFeA 2018-01-21 19:17:27
dreamtrove it's been a reliable blue line https://www.tradingview.com/x/u2VLdLvh 2018-01-21 19:14:48
dreamtrove Carpediem, yeag i doublt we're going that low 2018-01-21 19:12:39
dreamtrove more like 10,9 10,2 if this keeps up just horizontal stamp lines 2018-01-21 19:12:23
dreamtrove but not that low prolly 2018-01-21 19:11:49
dreamtrove here https://www.tradingview.com/x/zu6BAJbG 2018-01-21 19:11:40
dreamtrove Carpediem, if it breaks the blue line, then maybe we're in trouble 2018-01-21 19:08:57
dreamtrove srsly tho, sold to bump the 10% btc I lost yesterday 2018-01-21 19:06:48
dreamtrove crypto your country, throw out the commies. 2018-01-21 19:06:06
dreamtrove Carpediem, solid potato salad 2018-01-21 19:05:11
dreamtrove that noob i told to buy verge is probably broke now 2018-01-21 19:01:41
dreamtrove Carpediem, I know there was big issue of pretoria making the call and western provinces objecting vociferously and having no lay because too much centralization of land management 2018-01-21 19:01:05
dreamtrove whale sale 2018-01-21 19:00:21
dreamtrove are they fracking the karoo? 2018-01-21 18:57:36
dreamtrove Carpediem, i just meant that omg is a domestic thai labor token that is actual money. i don't think anyone else has that yet. 2018-01-21 18:56:51
dreamtrove Carpediem, what coins? 2018-01-21 18:47:24
dreamtrove I'm back in btc at 10,9, that'll put me at maybe 3.4. then i'll look at what is perhaps looking good. maybe eth 2018-01-21 18:47:13
dreamtrove Carpediem, i picked tether 2018-01-21 18:46:33
dreamtrove (thailand is the only nation with a spendable crypto, omg) 2018-01-21 18:46:23
dreamtrove lol, we're stealing it. moving to thailand, and taking over the currency 2018-01-21 18:45:51
dreamtrove carpediem, maybe 10,9 btc 2018-01-21 18:44:28
dreamtrove ฿:( 2018-01-21 18:43:24
dreamtrove no crash jusr cheeaper bitcoin 2018-01-21 18:41:35
dreamtrove oh well probably no crash but fiat just in case. 2018-01-21 18:40:29
dreamtrove Carpediem, this all that was ever happening here https://www.tradingview.com/x/AFnIyW49 2018-01-21 18:15:32