bvall scottyw61 banned by system for 60 minutes 2018-02-14 13:06:39
bvall nothing against you scotty, just wanted to see it happen!! 2018-02-14 12:57:51
bvall lol ;) 2018-02-14 12:56:49
bvall feking kinson 2018-02-14 12:56:42
bvall damn i wanted to see scotty get banned for spamming 10 uninterrupted comments 2018-02-14 12:56:32
bvall thats like concave monkeymaker 2018-02-14 11:47:20
bvall i hare rike a berrione darrars 2018-02-14 09:36:14
bvall monkey is relegated to his tin shed, hopefully his mom lends him an extension cord to charge up his honda prius 2018-02-09 22:58:32
bvall sames reason they cant have google 2018-02-09 22:57:42
bvall Carpediem, RIP monkey, how long he in the hole for? 2018-02-09 22:57:14
bvall or better question, is a ban from one box a ban from them all?! 2018-02-09 22:56:13
bvall carpediem, is monkey in chinese trollbox? 2018-02-09 22:55:44
bvall <--- doesnt get it 2018-02-09 22:48:37
bvall no i have silver in socks 2018-02-09 22:16:36
bvall AlcoholicsAnonymousCoin is the best coin 2018-02-08 22:24:37
bvall monkeymaker bannished himself to his tin shed.... very calming when it rains 2018-02-08 22:23:32
bvall lame 2018-02-08 21:23:59
bvall cjphil +1000 2018-02-07 13:50:58
bvall 1day candle chart? 2018-02-07 12:21:41
bvall they fell off the edge 2018-02-07 10:39:14
bvall darkoofthedark...+1 psychology of a market cycle 2018-02-06 21:18:37
bvall carpediem lol im terrified to death! 2018-02-04 09:25:51
bvall carpediem, lol i wish i was brent terhune with that glorious red beard 2018-02-04 09:18:30
bvall i am an innovator and dont need people steeling my ideas and passing them off as their own 2018-02-04 09:14:22
bvall lol 2018-02-04 09:13:34
bvall 2018-02-04 09:11:54
bvall get prius, fek bishes 2018-02-04 09:10:26
bvall prius is great investment vehicle 2018-02-04 09:09:44
bvall my other priuses have like half dead battery wont hold a charge 2018-02-04 09:08:44
bvall i have a hot date, she wont go out with me unless i have a brand new honda prius with spinners 2018-02-04 09:08:11
bvall this one will have spinnerz 2018-02-04 09:07:28
bvall i have 12, getting number 13 2018-02-04 09:07:19
bvall i think its time to cash out and get another honda prius 2018-02-04 09:06:43
bvall eth? 2018-02-04 09:05:22
bvall okay thats nice too 2018-02-04 09:04:55
bvall josevv for ltc right? 2018-02-04 09:04:07
bvall kfc should have made the chikun box instread uof bitcoin box but they dumb dumb dum dumb dum 2018-02-04 09:02:55
bvall ford* 2018-02-04 08:51:02
bvall my neighbor had a for taurus 2018-02-04 08:50:56
bvall magnificent 2018-02-04 08:49:56
bvall didnt your dad make a list of sorts? 2018-02-04 08:48:42
bvall i thnk that was before chat limit 2018-02-03 05:04:10
bvall lol captainclaw, i think i remember being one of the noobs to follow suit and type it too 2018-02-03 05:03:02
bvall rip kneedrag 2018-02-03 00:48:47
bvall darkoofthedark, im too poor no one wants to fish mee 2018-02-03 00:07:09
bvall monkeymaker ;) yay 2018-02-03 00:06:16
bvall im a steppin razor, dont touch my sides, im dangerous 2018-02-03 00:05:03
bvall steppin razor = someone you dont fuck with 2018-02-03 00:04:44
bvall are you a steppen razor? 2018-02-03 00:03:21
bvall darkoofthedark, you seem so edgy, i like talking to edgy people, you never know what to expect! 2018-02-03 00:02:55
bvall also, darkoofthedark, carpediem offended me yesterday, so you were right, i can be offended 2018-02-03 00:02:02
bvall darkoofthedark, you are the flat earther, we went over this 2018-02-03 00:01:35
bvall you need a special dongle to deposit ltc here 2018-02-02 12:21:34
bvall mine grew to 2 inches.... 2018-02-02 12:17:36
bvall honda prius has autocrashpilot 2018-02-02 11:37:32
bvall monkeymaker, i think you need to go for a drive 2018-02-02 11:36:42
bvall just dont think about your cold storage coinage and its not soo bad 2018-02-02 08:31:42
bvall z1ka lol, nice pun 2018-02-02 08:30:43
bvall 500* and 70* 2018-02-02 08:29:02
bvall western union ftw 2018-02-02 08:28:16
bvall bch is more ded 2018-02-02 08:28:05
bvall btc is ded 2018-02-02 08:27:56
bvall lol too funny 2018-02-02 08:01:32
bvall figured out your name 2018-02-02 08:00:37
bvall SoManyTimesDanceDanceRevolution 2018-02-02 08:00:31
bvall carpediem np 2018-02-02 05:57:46
bvall darkoofthedark!!!! someone did it 2018-02-02 05:56:34
bvall i find that offensive carpediem 2018-02-02 05:56:24
bvall i have zero eth and 12 prius 2018-02-02 05:56:12
bvall prius runs on polar bear blood 2018-02-02 05:55:44
bvall you can sneeak run over old ppl with prius carpediem 2018-02-02 05:54:58
bvall maybe #2 or #3 2018-02-02 05:54:34
bvall carpediem that is what you need, lifted prius, with smog pax 2018-02-02 05:54:16
bvall i know a guy that puts lift kits on honda prius 2018-02-02 05:53:54
bvall just have to shove a towel in the tail pipe and heat up the batteries 2018-02-02 05:53:15
bvall carpediem you can do that in a prius too but much quieter 2018-02-02 05:52:35
bvall allpurposeflower no only 2, im poor 2018-02-02 05:51:21
bvall madmattzak i think so too 2018-02-02 05:50:48
bvall cashed out guise 2018-02-02 05:50:31
bvall im reupholstering my honda prius with alpaca fur 2018-02-02 05:50:14
bvall caliente lol ;) 2018-02-02 05:49:06
bvall <----pro at losing money 2018-02-02 05:32:14
bvall smoke more weed, take offense to less things 2018-02-02 05:21:31
bvall cock pushups? 2018-02-02 05:19:43
bvall lift more weights with your left hand 2018-02-02 05:19:05
bvall no 2018-02-02 05:18:43
bvall no one is 2018-02-02 05:18:31
bvall you forgot poor and dumb tho 2018-02-02 05:17:50
bvall you speak tha truth 2018-02-02 05:17:29
bvall the feminists wont like that kind of talk darkoofthedark 2018-02-02 05:16:55
bvall darkoofthedark, are you a flat earther? cause you sound like a flat earther 2018-02-02 05:16:13
bvall surely not a great one 2018-02-02 05:14:11
bvall cause i cant make a good one 2018-02-02 05:14:03
bvall at least i can melt it into a shitty goblet and drink some poison to end the suffering, cant do that with ltc 2018-02-02 05:13:34
bvall well not anymore, but for a while there i did, and havent sold... talk about a shitty heavy bag to hold... literal silver 2018-02-02 05:12:27
bvall <--- buys silver 2018-02-02 05:11:50
bvall i forgot to sell my nmc, so im bagholding some of that crap 2018-02-02 03:40:07
bvall maybe dennis too** 2018-02-02 03:37:25
bvall rodman** 2018-02-02 03:37:18
bvall denis roman buys btc from coinbase and send it to kim jong, it is the sole way kim jong gets his monies 2018-02-02 03:37:09
bvall i heard captainclaw banned bitcoin 2018-02-02 03:36:10
bvall i hate regals, not becuase the car. but because i had a neighbor that would bust out the shop vac and clean that damn regal daily 2018-02-02 03:23:59
bvall 2012 was worst year for honda prius 2018-02-02 03:23:05
bvall 12 of them not a 2012 2018-02-02 03:22:53
bvall 12 honda prius 2018-02-02 03:22:42
bvall goallllllll 2018-02-02 03:22:27
bvall i had to sell all of my cars :( im very poor now 2018-02-02 03:22:12
bvall my* 2018-02-02 03:21:25
bvall like mu car's seats allpurposeflower 2018-02-02 03:21:19
bvall whale came up for air for a few hours, getting ready to dive, blue whale sucked in enough air to do deap sea dive, fight with giant squid is imminent 2018-02-02 03:20:22
bvall <--- IDIOT long term 2018-02-01 23:42:19
bvall captainclaw, short xrp again? 2018-02-01 23:40:50
bvall im a 2013 baby!! 2018-02-01 23:39:12
bvall h3rra, jk player!! 2018-02-01 23:38:51
bvall i bought most of my stack when btc was $18k 2018-02-01 23:37:39
bvall h3rra, me too sigh 2018-02-01 23:37:11
bvall i had to liquidate 12 of my honda prius today. im so poor now 2018-02-01 23:36:15
bvall troll poets are best poets 2018-02-01 23:34:57
bvall then ash? 2018-02-01 23:34:23
bvall like the weed in my joint green turns to red 2018-02-01 23:34:13
bvall i once pulled a honda prius 4 miles with nothing more than the finest mexican twine and my testicles 2018-01-31 10:10:03
bvall clown 2018-01-31 06:06:22
bvall im about to jump out the window of my honda prius 2018-01-30 22:21:57
bvall honda makes the real one 2018-01-30 05:04:44
bvall toyota builds knockoff prius 2018-01-30 05:04:35
bvall nothing is wrong with prius, best car honda ever built. i own over 12 2018-01-30 05:03:57
bvall honda* 2018-01-30 05:03:25
bvall fek that, i sell low and buy toyota prius 2018-01-30 05:03:12
bvall yes 2018-01-30 05:02:28
bvall your mom is a cheap coin, heard she is getting pumped this week 2018-01-30 05:01:24
bvall whyy wold i test drive? i own over 12 of them, they drive great! 2018-01-29 12:42:59
bvall monkeymaker, nmc is cutting edge like honda prius 2018-01-29 12:40:01
bvall lmao 2018-01-25 06:33:40
bvall til auto ban lol 2018-01-24 13:20:56
bvall dammit smtddr he only needed3 more posts! 2018-01-24 13:20:35
bvall sperm 2018-01-24 13:19:20
bvall tru that scotty 2018-01-24 13:18:55
bvall kinda like crypto 2018-01-24 13:18:03
bvall fusion 2018-01-24 13:16:40
bvall smtddr, im disappointed they used a mustang instead of a nova 2018-01-24 13:15:55
bvall smtddr... where? on youtube? 2018-01-24 13:13:48
bvall he said, I educate myself, watch alot of youtube videos, you can learn all types of stuff on youtube.... like. did you know the earth is flat?! 2018-01-24 13:12:46
bvall basically gets paid to sit in his car. i asked him what he did with his time when waiting in the car 2018-01-24 13:12:06
bvall he is a back up delivery driver 2018-01-24 13:11:41
bvall one of his best explanations for flat earth.... if the earth is spinning, how can you fly east and west?! you would only be able to fly in one direction if the world was spinning! 2018-01-24 13:10:25
bvall charlieg, NO this box is for advice only 2018-01-24 13:09:04
bvall scheiropractic, im sure there are, but i prefer to hear his wild theories, they are entertaining 2018-01-24 13:08:34
bvall so "they" can profit off you 2018-01-24 13:06:58
bvall his reasons are absurd 2018-01-24 13:06:39
bvall one of my employees told me he is a flat earther..... 2018-01-24 13:05:38
bvall they need to come up with a better term than global warming..... im pretty cold right now 2018-01-24 13:01:24
bvall sepository global warming 2018-01-24 12:59:55
bvall Satoshi was/is just some AI 2018-01-24 12:58:11
bvall just like whales. thanks japan 2018-01-24 12:47:04
bvall clean air will end as a tragedy of commons 2018-01-24 12:46:34
bvall athens is cool, you should do it! 2018-01-22 13:22:48
bvall djehankidd, what DO you care about?! 2018-01-22 13:17:37
bvall ltc to $2k bch to $200 2018-01-22 13:16:57
bvall i wear a hat most of the time 2018-01-22 12:21:09
bvall bury me with my crypto, ive got my priv keys tattooed on my forehead 2018-01-22 12:20:34
bvall does not apply to canceled trades schakal_no1 2018-01-21 12:21:40
bvall by the time kneedrag comes back we should be moon 2018-01-20 01:28:03
bvall kneedrag will just end up PMing us all lyrics 2018-01-18 23:11:55
bvall vicarious1 +1 for the sound of silence lyrics 2018-01-18 23:11:27
bvall dang havent seen the ban hammer in here for a while! RIP knee! 2018-01-18 23:09:45
bvall ltc needz wall hax 2018-01-18 12:58:35
bvall <plug your shitcoin here> 2018-01-18 12:57:52
bvall sia 2018-01-18 12:57:28
bvall everyone likes cheap coins dont matter the race 2018-01-18 12:56:25
bvall crypto luvs me 2018-01-18 12:54:39
bvall sheerazd crypto loves noobs, 2018-01-18 12:54:27
bvall and they defunded the bobsled team....again! 2018-01-18 12:53:45
bvall jamaica just banned potcoin. srry guise crypto dead 2018-01-18 12:53:04
bvall My profits are small so i had to buy a few knockoffs from toyota 2018-01-18 05:35:05
bvall jukebox2 you are right 2018-01-18 05:34:43
bvall not as fast or sleek as prius, but at least they are reliable 2018-01-18 05:34:10
bvall fuck that caliente, fisker is knockoff prius wanabee 2018-01-18 05:33:22
bvall there are 3 women in my driveway atm just horny af at the sight of all these prius by toyota 2018-01-18 05:32:53
bvall i cant halp it dermaink... toyota prius soo sleek and gets da betches 2018-01-18 05:31:39
bvall i should be rich, but every time i get profits... i buy another damn toyota prius 2018-01-18 05:30:47
bvall <-- too stoopid 2018-01-18 05:30:08
bvall some people too stoopid to be rich jukebox2 2018-01-18 05:30:01
bvall everyone should be more rich 2018-01-18 05:29:03
bvall rich is mo betta than poor 2018-01-18 05:28:45
bvall ripple bought me a toyota prius 2018-01-18 05:27:35
bvall i hate ripple, but i also did not fek up ;) 2018-01-18 05:27:16
bvall iq points are for fegs 2018-01-18 02:36:41
bvall green dildo shipment arrived earlier today, if you have your heart set on a big red dildo, you may be waiting a while. might want to pick up a small red dildo instead 2018-01-18 01:58:55
bvall quarters, nickles, dimes, pennies, and half dolalrs bitbitcompany 2018-01-18 01:54:36
bvall he was not so lucky 2018-01-18 01:52:07
bvall i had a china man staying at my house last week, left him alone with my dog. came home. my dog was still alive. 2018-01-18 01:51:16
bvall or your nob 2018-01-18 00:47:28
bvall so you can get some skirt to ride on your pegs!! 2018-01-18 00:47:07
bvall ptitbarba just get some pegs on ur fixie 2018-01-18 00:44:43
bvall I need awanc 2018-01-18 00:42:56
bvall ooooo fancy, i need one of those 2018-01-18 00:41:34
bvall awac? 2018-01-18 00:41:04
bvall but i already sold everything because i couldnt keep up with the interest :( 2018-01-18 00:40:48
bvall i got car title loans on my stable of prius toyotas just so i could buy that dip 2018-01-18 00:40:08
bvall melockecoins congrats sir! my friends all drive porsches and i must make amends 2018-01-17 17:16:09