brivb32 the world is actually getting colder, ice caps have been increasing past 5-7 years 2018-05-17 04:32:29
brivb32 coinbase adding new coins soon 2017-12-19 06:27:23
brivb32 xrp is a centralized coin. xrp is garbage 2017-12-19 02:28:57
brivb32 just some random letters 2017-12-13 05:06:49
brivb32 i remember when ltc went from 50 dollars to 2 dollars 2017-12-13 05:05:03
brivb32 from the tokens 2017-12-13 04:29:24
brivb32 ltc up like 215% in usd in 7 days, i bet someone took profits 2017-12-13 04:29:05
brivb32 someone wants to liquidate there ltc at high prices 2017-12-13 04:26:21
brivb32 Most other exchanges are glitchy, the only problem here is lack of liquidity 2017-12-13 04:14:17
brivb32 but thats due in time. bitfinex took more than a year 2017-12-13 04:13:03
brivb32 my bad, i feel both have served me well. except for not paying out on its tokens yet. 2017-12-13 04:12:46
brivb32 i been on here since 2013 2017-12-13 04:11:41
brivb32 its most reliable one i have tried 2017-12-13 04:10:59
brivb32 this site never fucked me over. I am glad its back up 2017-12-13 04:10:49
brivb32 this was 2 months ago 2017-12-13 04:09:31
brivb32 i never got my coins back 2017-12-13 04:09:20
brivb32 scottyw61 bittrex stold coins from me when i cancled an order as it was being executed 2017-12-13 04:08:54
brivb32 zec and eth are my top coins 2017-12-09 05:39:21
brivb32 no just speaking truth bro 2017-12-09 04:14:10
brivb32 BTC will only get worse with increased users 2017-12-09 04:13:13
brivb32 btc cant update. I sent a transaction in btc 36 hours ago, stuck in a mem pool waiting to be mined. 2017-12-09 04:12:45
brivb32 in market cap i believe eth will pass btc over time 2017-12-09 04:11:49
brivb32 eth has more developers than btc, i bet on eth long term 2017-12-09 04:08:30
brivb32 eth 2017-12-09 04:07:28
brivb32 I like RSI and TD sequencal indactors 2017-12-09 04:05:23
brivb32 MACD is a lagging indicator it only tells you after the fact 2017-12-09 04:04:25
brivb32 shape shift has transaction limits 2017-12-09 03:36:28